What To Do If You Have Eye Bags

Eye bags should be repaired as soon as possible. Since the eyelids are thin, they will become more apparent with age.


Eat more vitamin A and B foods such as carrots, potatoes, and soy products. Have plenty of sleep and drink less at night. Do not blink or blink your eyes often.

what to do if you have eye bags

Usually, with cucumber and apple slices for eye masks, it is also able to ease a little. Do not stay up late; sleep time should be sufficient.

Care should be taken when nursing because the skin of the eye is thin, and unpleasant eye cream is used, which will increase the burden.

The green tea leaves that you normally drink can be wrapped in gauze and put in the refrigerator.

Apply it to your eyes in the morning to ease it temporarily.

There are many ways to go for eyelid surgery. If you use a simple electric wave to the bags under the eyes, then you do not need to repair them, and if you want to go the bags under a long recovery time, you can use the incision method to go bags under the eyes.

what to do if you have eye bags

Of course, the time to go to the pouch depends on the condition of the individual’s body, as well as the post-operative care, etc. It is also important and will also affect the recovery time. People with different physiques have different recovery times for eye bag surgery. Each person needs to actively cooperate with nursing to ensure that surgery is effective for a short time.

  1. Before the eye bag incision is not removed, should pay attention to not letting the wound water, maintaining a certain degree of cleanliness, and avoiding the phenomenon of infection.
  2. Go to the eye bag 2 days after surgery to use the ice pack for the local cold to avoid bleeding wounds and reduce eye edema. If the bleeding is more, then immediately go to the hospital for examination.
  3. After surgery, rest in a quiet environment, and raise the head when sleeping to avoid the head being too low to make the wound swollen more seriously; the daily diet is also very important; just eat more protein-containing food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, which will make the wound better.
what to do if you have eye bags

If the problem of eye bags is not solved in time, with the increase of age, the accumulation of fat near the lower eyelids will be more and more, and the pressure on the skin will increase, just like a bag filled with water. Over time, the skin will be loose.

At this time, only Can remove some of the fat at the same time and remove part of the skin to solve the problem of bags under the eyes, that is, through the outer incision. It is cut 2-3 mm away from the edge of the lower eyelid eyelashes to remove excess blepharoplasty, orbicularis oculi, and loose lower eyelid skin.

After the compression dressing, the swelling and congestion were basically eliminated in about one week. The incision is hidden, and it is generally not visible.

  1. And the method of choice: the principle of each method is different, and the price will be different, such as how much money and non-surgical ultrasound is different.
  2. And our choice of hospitals related to hospitals how much money will go to eye bags surgery will be different; small beauty agencies and regular professional hospitals to the bags under the eyes are not the same, and the effect is also a world of difference, so to Want to have a good effect, it is necessary to choose a formal beauty agency.
  3. And the patient’s own degree: If the patient’s bags under the eyes is not particularly serious, then the price is not a lot; that is to say, each person’s symptoms are not absolutely the same.
  4. Related to the doctor’s choice: If you choose a doctor, it may be more expensive. However, under normal circumstances, every hospital has established standards, so everyone should not worry about it.

After the removal of the bags under the eyes, the eyelids are smooth, without wrinkles, and the skin is radiant. In addition, the skin incision does not usually have any surgical marks. A small number of patients will have early redness and mild scar hyperplasia, which usually disappears in about 1-3 months. . The bag removal effect can last for at least 15 years.

Surgical eyelid bags are not a particularly large operation, but they require a very delicate operation. The preoperative operation depends on the condition of the affected person’s jaw, such as the degree of skin and rim muscle relaxation, the number of wrinkles, the increase in herniated fat, or herd output. To determine the surgical method. In order to ensure the effect: remove bags under the eyes and jaw wrinkles.

Remove eye bags after surgery can be supplemented with photorejuvenation, consolidate the effect of surgery, and can smooth fine wrinkles, shrink large pores, significantly improve the condition of facial skin roughness, improve skin elasticity, is the effect of compact skin, restore

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