Robin Rice is the Creative Director of the Stop The Beauty Madness campaign and President of our sponsor company, Be Who You Are Productions, Inc. She is a mentor to world-level leaders through Rainmaker Consulting, “changing the lives of people who are changing the world.” She is an internationally published author (if you love this website, you will love her novel Venus For A Day) and a self-proclaimed Social Change Artist. Learn more about all of Robin’s work at RobinRice.com. 

Lisa Meade

Lisa Meade

As Community Relations Director and Senior Blogger, Lisa Meade offers the best of the best articles and blog shares out there. She also coordinates our outreach efforts and is in hot pursuit of the most powerful Frontline Voices. She is an author in the anthology RED SILK and has written for several social media online magazines as well as her own SPIRIT Blog.

At WomenWithInsight.com she offers numerous programs that bring support and creative approaches to those seeking to restore balance to the body, mind and spirit relationship. These include her newest, soon to be launched, beauty and body image programs, Seeing the Light Within and The Motherlode of Beauty as well as her Body Image Coaching services. She also offers a membership program for beautiful eating at VegVitality.com. 

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Stop The Beauty Madness is a social change project of Be Who You Are Productions, Inc. Each year, our goal is to prove that with a few good ideas and a lot of friends, social change can happen on a shoestring budget (thus far this entire campaign has spent a mere $3,500). We harness the power of social media because we know it takes a village to raise an idea!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All photos used in our ads are purchased and from model-released stock photos. No ads represent the views of the models or speak for their personal experience. As far as we know, as in most cases with stock photos, the models are unaware of the use of their photos. Even so, we are sensitive to the potency of these ads, especially on the younger women and girl models. We sincerely hope our audience will understand that these are stock images and are NOT meant as a commentary on the personal reality of the model. 

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