Don’t Let These Weight Loss Errors Become Healthy Killers

There is much similar news in life, such as cosmetic failure and mask allergies. However, few people pay attention to the wrong way of losing weight, and it will cause serious harm to health. This is mainly because the performance of this harm to health is imperceptible, so it often cannot cause more attention. In order to avoid the risk of health problems brought into weight loss mistakes, Xiao Bian today took everyone a depth analysis of those weight loss errors we have walked into.

weight loss errors become healthy killers

Myth # 1: As long as it is a popular weight loss program to try

There are many kinds of ridiculous weight loss programs on the Internet. Some start with exercise, and others start with diet. These weight loss methods are amazing in terms of literal description, but often these mixed diet programs have not received the most professional scientific tests. Therefore, some seemingly appealing weight loss programs can not afford scrutiny; not only will they not bring a high-quality slimming experience, but they can also be harmful to health, and some will become thin in the short term; late rebound is very powerful.

The right approach: choose a scientific weight loss program

There are many weight loss programs certified by slimming experts and dietitians. This type of weight loss program has a systematic plan to reduce fat, exercise, and diet; both have a scientific theory as support, special effects, and a fat-reducing diet is currently the most popular. The scientific weight-loss program can not only effectively remove excess body fat but also help develop lean body mass. Therefore, it is very popular. It is also a choice for which weight-loss program to choose from because the weight-loss program is not scientific. The fat friend is definitely worth a try.

weight loss errors become healthy killers

Myth 2: Dieting is weight loss

Many people think that eating less can be thinner. This kind of thinking seems to be infallible to a certain extent. Controlling caloric intake does not bring extra calories to the body, but dieting can not afford to lose weight. , Extremely reduce food intake, eat only a small amount of low-calorie foods every day, so that the amount of muscle in your body is greatly reduced, followed by metabolism also slows down, because fat and muscle are closely related to each other, so the amount of muscle Too little, fat will take advantage of this empty space, it is easy to rebound and regain fat.

Correct Practice: Reasonable Diet Control

“Controlling calorie intake” does not mean “don’t eat.” Three meals a day must be available for one meal. At the same time, the diet needs to pay more attention to quality. Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates must all be reasonably ingested. You can eat more fruits. With vegetables and vegetables, instead of the surprise rice noodles with coarse grains, the intake of each calorie does not differ too much but gradually decreases from morning till night. This way can properly reduce the number of calories and inhibit the accumulation of body fat.

weight loss errors become healthy killers

Myth 3: Weight loss is too crazy sports

Many people will think that the stronger the degree of exercise, the better the weight loss, especially the curse of “three pounds for every festive season.” After the holidays, people will go crazy, and some people will start dieting mode while they are crazy. In fact, it is not appropriate. Weight loss methods can not only fail to achieve results but also cause great harm to the body, so we must be careful.

Correct practice: lasting low-intensity exercise is the fat reduction king

Only lasting low-intensity aerobic exercise can cause people to consume excess fat. Low-intensity exercise can promote the use of oxidized fatty acids in muscles to obtain energy and accelerate the consumption of fat. If the exercise intensity suddenly increases or is always large, the proportion of fat consumption will be reversed. Easy to reduce, weight loss is even less ideal. Therefore, it is easy and gentle; long-term low-intensity exercise is most beneficial to weight loss. No matter how you exercise, you must follow the principle of appropriateness. The more you do, the better. During exercise, the body produces lactic acid, and long-term exercise causes a large amount of lactic acid to accumulate inside the body. Lactic acid is the main cause of muscle fatigue, muscle aches, and muscle spasms.

weight loss errors become healthy killers

Myth 4: Staying up late can help you lose weight

Eating well for a certain degree of slumber will be considered to be a sign of gaining weight, so many people will stay up late for a diet, stay a long time without rest, and force themselves not to sleep, leaving the nerves always in a state of tension and In the state of anxiety, this tension and anxiety will inevitably make one’s head drowsiness, and it may easily cause headaches, and often upset the normal habits of the day and night, easily affecting the endocrine system and causing youthfulness on the face. Acne is also very normal, and scientific research shows that staying up late does not only help to lose weight but also makes people gain weight.

Correct practice: ensure adequate sleep time

Sleep weight loss is an effective method of weight loss, the medical evidence shows, mainly through the sleep time and the quality of sleep to affect the secretion of hormones to break down fat, make it burn, promote metabolism to eliminate edema, stimulate growth hormone, to guide the body to The conversion of fat into energy is the secret of those who love to sleep but do not diet regularly.

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