Fitness Lady Exercising Fitness Plan

The first thing to say is that no fitness program is perfect. Each person’s situation is different. There can be no fitness program for everyone. For the same individual, but also to regularly change the training program in order to achieve better results. Therefore, the experience here is very important, not necessarily having a coach, but more than their own level than their experienced people to communicate will benefit greatly.

The simplest and most effective plan, three days a week, or six days a week, 3 days × 2 cycles, that is, chest and back legs one day, chest plus two, back plus brachial three, practicing legs, Practice, but abdomen, shoulder did not get abdomen can practice 3 to 4 times a week, after each training can be added 4 to 8 groups, or 4 × 2 to 3 groups of actions, you can also use one day to strengthen abdominal muscles Training coupled with aerobic. Shoulders can push the chest a few days less push chest, plus three groups on the oblique plus three groups, until the high stage and then single training shoulders, brachial, brachial, so more than 3 days, just 6 days.

fitness lady exercising fitness plan

If you practice for 6 days, you can just do two cycles. If you practice for 4 days, this extra day will train your focus and major contradiction. If you practice for 5 days, that is a small day. You abandon your relatively best part of the relative or temporarily need to wait and other parts; oh, in the first place, to practice the weakest place, the most to be improved, most need to strengthen the main contradiction.

If you want to lose fat quickly, please insist on at least 3 to 4 times a week aerobic training. 30 to 40 minutes after each device training, or 30-60 minutes in fasting in the morning, or arrange an aerobic day and run a happy one. Diet control attention to calories.

fitness lady exercising fitness plan

6 days fitness program:

  • The first-day chest back
  • Bench Press 1 ~ 2 warm-up
  • Dumbbell bench press 20RM × 3
  • Dumbbell Flying Bird 20RM × 3
  • Butterfly machine (or cross folder chest) 20RM × 3
  • Roman chair to stand up (or dead pull) 20RM × 3
  • Barbell boating 30RM × 3
  • Sitting posture boating (or single-arm dumbbell rowing) 20RM × 3

Important: Remember to do chest exercises when practicing all chest movements, and learn to use chest muscle force rather than arch back. Practice back movement, the idea in the back, to experience the use of back hair, do not use armed force to do action.

fitness lady exercising fitness plan
  • The next leg, buttocks, aerobic
  • Not squat 30 times warm-up
  • Squat 30RM × 3
  • Bow step 25RM × 3
  • Heel 20RM × 3
  • Unit two bend 25RM × 3
  • After the leg swing, 25RM × 3
  • Running for 30 to 40 minutes

Points: Do not use a big weight, and do not use explosive force. After squatting, ideas in the hip hair force, but also to tighten up the buttocks after standing up (boys to practice the thigh is the quadriceps force). Maintain the waist and leg hip tension; action should be slow to prevent injury. Pay attention to the pull-ups between groups and after training, and pull the lines apart.

fitness lady exercising fitness plan

On the third day abdomen, aerobic

  • warm-up
  • Leg crunches (or leg stool) 30RM × 3
  • Support leg lift (or leg lift) 25RM × 3
  • Support the leg rotation (or sitting leg rotation) 25RM × 6 (left and right sides of the three groups)
  • Load-bearing swivel 50RM × 3
  • Running for 30 to 40 minutes

Tips: Move as slowly as possible with abdominal muscles (body). Does not provide leverage. Do not rest too long between groups; after training, do exercises to relax.

On the fourth day chest, arm

fitness lady exercising fitness plan
  • Bench Press 1 ~ 2 warm-up
  • On the inclined bench, push 20RM × 3
  • On the oblique birds, 20RM × 3
  • Butterfly machine (or cross folder chest) 20RM × 3
  • Shoulder 25RM × 3
  • Biceps 25RM × 3
  • Arm neck flexion and extension 20RM × 3

Points: Do more after training arm muscle pull to prevent blockage.
The fifth leg, buttocks, aerobic

  • Same

The sixth-day abdomen, aerobic

  • Same

The seventh-day rest, or aerobics, swimming, climbing, playing badminton, and so on.


  • Do not use too much weight; for example, if you can bench press with a 15 kg bench press 25 times, and you use the 10 kg push the bar 25 times on the point that can not exercise the role of a group of 25 The last few times to feel more laborious, can not do with 35 times the weight of 25 times.
  • Do not be too heavy, and even action deformation, the whole body leveraging, etc., especially girls are not the power nor the block, but the lines, such as bow and arrow. If more laborious, you can hand or hand to take a few pounds of dumbbell that can. Break time between groups do not be too long; 45 ~ 60 seconds can be, remember. More experience should not slow fast.
  • Do more pull, and learn yoga moves; the lines will look good. Do not use explosive force, do not pursue the weight, huh, huh.

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