Top 5 Best Heated Jacket Reviews & Comparison In 2024

We spent more than 20 hours researching and testing different types of heated jackets and found that grace, ease, and durability were the most significant aspects. The DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L 20V/12V MAX HEATED JACKET KIT scored the highest marks in all the categories and was easily our top pick.

Heated Jacket Reviews

A heated jacket is quite an important piece of clothing for people who are working outdoors in extreme cold weather and simply want to enjoy recreational activities without getting uncomfortable in the cold breeze. These jackets will make your task easier and more productive while beating the cold and wet weather conditions.

The market comes with a wide range of heated jacks that will not only provide you comfort but, more significantly, high durability, effectiveness and an ultimate chic look. Over the course of this article, you will find the best heated jackets recommended by actual users and those who have successfully passed our performance tests.

You will get to know the benefits of each garment and how one model can be more effective than the other. Apart from that, we have also included a buying guide that will provide you with additional information about the product and the key factors that you must consider before purchasing a certain jacket.

Top 5 Heated Jackets

Best Men’s Heated Jacket – DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L 20V/12V MAX HEATED JACKET KIT

DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L 20V/12V MAX Black Heated Jacket Kit, Large
  • 4 Heating Zones within Jacket
  • LED Controller with 3 temperature settings + Pre-heat function

The DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L heated jacket is another excellent option to keep yourself cosy and warm in the coldest weather conditions. The heated jacket makes for a perfect option for your favourite outdoor activities.

You will find the fit of Dewalt heated jackets cosier and casual. The outer sleeve has an ebbed design to offer additional wrist flexibility. This lets you do the bulkier tasks when wearing gloves with the jacket. The side pockets on these jackets have fleece lining, which is more than comfortable even when the heating system is powered off.

The jacket has an extremely sturdy construction, and the battery takes a maximum of half an hour to charge, which usually lasts for at least half of the day. The high-end jacket comes with a pre-heat function which will reach a very comfortable temperature in no time. This feature lets you get warm quicker while you are heading outdoors. You will find a very prominent button on this jacket that glows in different colours in various settings, thus making it easier for you to know about the power level and energy consumption.

You can place the large battery pack easily inside the battery pocket, which can be expanded to premium 20V MAX batteries. The Dewalt jacket is comparatively little larger in the upper arms. You will not find any visible branding on this jacket which is great if you intend to purchase a simple design. The fit might be a little larger, so you can conveniently wear it over a few layers if required. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the heated jacket is not meant for tasks which get you wet as the wires are running through it.

Best Quality Heated JacketBosch PSJ120M-102 Men’s 12-volt Max

Bosch Men's 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Soft Shell Heated Jacket Kit with 2.0Ah Battery, Charger and Holster PSJ120M-102
  • HIGH QUALITY: The PSJ120M-102 12V Max heated jacket is made of 100% polyester. It is both wind and rain resistant, making it the ideal heated jacket for tough outdoor jobsites
  • QUICK WARMING: Featuring three quick-warming heat zones including two chest zones and one back zone, start warming in a matter of seconds. The three-level heat controller offers high heat (Red), medium (Green) and Low (Blue) for maximum control and comfort

The Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men’s heated jacket comes with classic quality construction and offers superior resistance to rain and the wind. The heated jacket is powered by a 12-volt power tool battery system to keep you warm while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable feel.

It offers three push settings, including low, medium and high, to start the process in seconds, thus making for a perfect solution in cold weather. The jacket includes five pockets for storing mobile phones, documents, battery holders and other valuables. The fit of a Bosch jacket is comfortable and casual. However, it provides comparatively more insulation. You will find secure, zippered pockets behind weather guard folds for extra ease. You can easily place the battery-powered adapter in the hindmost pocket or simply clip it on the belt, depending on what suits you the most. These features make storage more efficient.

Apart from that, you can also power most of your USB port-compatible devices, such as smartphones and laptops. The jacket comes with everything you need. In the coldest months, you can even use the jacket’s convenient belt clip without wearing the jacket to boost power and back up your devices anytime with the 12-volt battery. Finally, the entire package includes a heated jacket, powerful battery controller, 12-volt battery, and charger.

Best Men’s Heated Vest – Ororo Men’s Heated Vest

ORORO Men's Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack (Black,L)
  • NEAT AND TAILORED DESIGN: Lightweight insulated for you to wear in many ways with unrestricted movement; Water and wind resistant.
  • KEEP YOUR BODY AND HANDS WARM: Four carbon fiber heating elements generating heat across collar, mid-back, as well as underneath two pockets for core-body warmth. 3 available heating settings can be adjusted with just a simple press of the button.

Ororo brings you a nicely designed, wind-resistant heated vest with several features that you will love. The heated vest features a rechargeable lithium battery that you can also use as a power bank. It offers four superlative heating panels, including 1 around the neckline, 2 in the upper body and 1 pane along the back.

All panels are constructed from carbon fibre which comes with the highest safety standards and exceptional durability. Additionally, it includes a 4-level microprocessor controller, which adjusts the heat level to various settings such as pre-heat, low, medium and high. It lets you easily control the temperature depending on your needs.

The vest weighs only 0.78 pounds which makes it highly suitable for a workout, sports, and simply relaxing in the outdoors. It’s machine washable, thus giving you peace of mind while wearing it. The vest kit includes a heated jacket, a 7.4 V lithium-ion battery, a charger and a user manual. Further, you need to fully charge the battery for at least 8 hours before wearing the vest for the first time. As soon as the battery is charged, you can use the vest for up to 8 hours which is quite notable.

Best Women’s Heated Jacket – Ororo Women’s Slim-Fit Wireless Heated Jacket Kit

ORORO Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket with Battery Pack and Detachable Hood (Black,L)
  • STYLISH DESIGN WITH BREATHABLE FABRIC: Soft shell fabric exterior with breathable lining ensures you don't lose any excess heat and enjoy comfortable warmth; Detachable hood is specially designed for chilly mornings and extra protection on windy days; Slim-fit design relieves you of worrying about bulkiness.
  • HEAT ACROSS BODY: Three carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas (left & right chest, mid-back); Adjust three heating settings (High, medium, low) with just a simple press of the button.

The ORORO Women’s Wireless Heated Jacket has become quite popular among women for several reasons. The heated jacket makes use of wireless technology with a 7.4V battery and a large 4400 mAh capacity.

The battery offers excellence so you can get the best out of this jacket. The best thing you will find is that it takes minutes to get you warm and comfortable, as compared to many other heated jackets from the top manufacturers. You will find a pre-heat system which will make sure that you will not go out in a freezing environment with an unsuitable temperature. Another major benefit of the heated jacket is the perfect fit that suits almost everyone. It provides an overall perfect fit, warmth, and style.

Furthermore, the ORORO Women’s Wireless Heated Jacket comes with a soft shell exterior, which is water and wind resistant. Additionally, the carbon fibre heating technology features four variable temperature settings. The jacket is capable of keeping you warm for up to 8 hours on low settings. Lastly, it is suitable for multiple outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing and so on.

Best Women’s Heated Vest – EXO2 – EXOGLO PRO STYLE LADIES Vest

EXO2 is one of the leading brands in the business of battery-operated body warmers. The EXOGLO PRO comes with exclusive features that make it stand out among other heated vests available on the market. The body warmer is versatile enough to run on either battery operated option or connect to your motorbike.

If you are fond of cold weather and love doing a lot of recreational activities, or if you are someone who plans unpredictable adventures, then EXOGLO PRO makes for a perfect heated vest option. The 12V battery will keep you warm and comfortable in the toughest weather conditions. On top of that, the customer service is a plus which offers a lifetime warranty on this easy-to-use heating system.

The heated vest is designed with exclusive EXO2’s FabRoc Heat Technology, which lets you enjoy the warmth without needing any wires. You can charge the battery with the help of a remote control which comes along with the vest. Lastly, the entire system is waterproof and durable enough to withstand rough and tough use. You will surely get great value for your money with the EXOGLO PRO.

Heated Jacket Buying Guide

best heated jacket

How to Choose


If you are looking for the best heated jacket, then make sure it has a nice soft lining. A quality lining will make it incredibly easier to manoeuvre, particularly if you are wearing sweatshirts and layers beneath. A soft lining is something you should never ignore, as it makes the jacket more comfortable to wear and enhances the overall heat insulation.


The style of a heated jacket is more about personal preferences. There are a lot of leading brands that offer a variety of styles to choose from. For instance, Milwaukee has recently released heated zippered hoodies. To make sure about the right style, you need to understand how you will be wearing your jacket and what you normally wear beneath it.


Just have a rough idea of how many things you will need to store in your jacket’s pockets. Many high-quality heated jackets come with pockets that are protected with fabric flaps which are superb for harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, some jackets feature pockets that are specially designed for carrying cell phones and expensive gadgets. It’s important to know the amount of storage you require, what kind of work you will be doing while wearing the jacket and what tools you carry along with you all the time.

Heating Capacity

best heated jacket

Every heated jacket comes with different levels of heat; however, the best heated jacket will provide you with a fanatic level of heating. Though it’s hard to test a heating level as everyone is different, and various people will have a different responses when exposed to the same level of heat. Here you need to do some testing to find out which level is appropriate for you, and this might change when exposed to different weather conditions. Most heated jackets offer different levels of heat that you can choose from so you can adjust the heating level, which is suitable for certain weather conditions on a given day.


You will want to have a heated jacket that has enough power to last for a decent amount of duration. You will never want to get out in extremely cold weather and suddenly find out that your jacket has turned off. If it doesn’t last for the required time, then you will be facing a lot of issues, and your jacket won’t be giving you as expected. A good quality heated jacket offers at least a few hours of power regardless of the heating level.


There is no doubt that heated jackets have become quite popular among consumers, so you are guaranteed that these garments will do their job at maximum. Instead of having a lot of warmers, you can simply wear this jacket to keep you away from all the problems in the coldest weather. This one-time purchase will keep you warm for extended periods and saves you money on multiple hands and foot warmers. These jackets will be a great plus for your plans over the colder months of the year.

Regardless of the brand from which you choose, you will ultimately realize that working out in harsh weather is more comfortable when wearing such garments. Our top picks are quite popular among customers for various levels of heat, comfortable designs and affordability. It’s time to say goodbye to those bulky jackets that reduce both your motivation and productivity and welcome a heated jacket that will make your job much easier than ever before.

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