You know what sucks? A greaseball look. When you wake up on a bright day with the sun greeting you. You’re to attend some event with your girls so you take one and a half hour to get your makeup and hair in place. When done you are sure that you look perf. But then your foundation betrays you and you start sweating makeup. Ew. That is every oily skinned girl’s most dreaded scenario. You need to choose your best foundations for oily skin.

But fear not, there is a foundation out there for you too! In fact, you have perhaps invested in one that is not formulated for your skin type and now are paying for the consequences. Foundations are like men, you must get the right one otherwise you have to suffer. “Some of the most common mistakes that people with oily skin make is wearing the wrong foundation,” says Daniel Chinchilla, celebrity makeup artist.

Best Foundations For Oily Skin

Giorgio Armani’s Power Fabric Foundation

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation SPF 25-4 Women Foundation 1 oz
  • Features an ultra-lightweight texture that blends seamlessly with skin
  • Contains extremely fine pigment particles to provide full coverage

Unlike most of Giorgio Armani’s foundations that leave a lustrous effect, this one is formulated especially to give a matte finish. It is lightweight and when applied it hides blemishes and imperfections in a thin layer. It wouldn’t even be obvious that you’re wearing it! Since it has SPF 25 filter it also offers UV protection.

Also, it comes in 20 shades, so you can easily find a match. It doesn’t make your skin look greasy, just gives the right amount of shine. Stays on for long and doesn’t split into cracks.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation

Say hello to this L’Oreal foundation that lays out what it offers perfectly. The brand describes the product in these words, “Up to 24hr matter without the flat. Air-light texture, Demi-matter finish. The pro look of longwear.” And the foundation delivers exactly this. When applied, it blends in smoothly whether you use your fingers or brushes.

Then it stays on for the day without letting you down. The foundation has a thick, lotion-like consistency and might just be the partner your oily skin is looking for.

Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation

Looking for a foundation that is picture perfect? Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation has got your back! (Or rather your face) This one doesn’t just suit those with an oily skin but works magic on all skin types. The look it gives is a creamy one, so you can click as many pictures as you want, all day long, without the foundation disappointing you.

However, the look is not natural. That is one thing that you must keep in mind. Also, this foundation also comes in 30 shades, so you get to choose one that is closest to your actual complexion.

Clinique’s Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

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When you are looking for a makeup product that you can trust, Clinique is the answer. This foundation gives a natural look and hides all imperfections. If your oily skin has taken a step further and given rise to acne, then this Clinique foundation would be like an answer to all your prayers. It has medicated ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about it worsening your acne prone skin’s condition at all.

It instead treats existing breakouts and keeps them from revisiting. The formula is oil-free and gives a fresh look. Comes in sixteen shades.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer Light Beige
  • Can be used to conceal, contour, highlight, and retouch
  • Weightless and hydrating so skin is never dry or cakey

This is the foundation for those who are in a rush. You wouldn’t need to touch up, again and again, one layer would last long enough to serve you all day long. Thanks to its hydrating formula, it also gives the skin the moisture that it requires. It adds a glow to the appearance and promotes elasticity of the skin giving an even, youthful radiance.

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