Why Anavar steroid is known as the best body building supplement for women

Anvarol – safe Anavar alternativeOnce we get past the stigma that females shouldn’t become too muscular, we can appreciate the importance of having a healthy body consisting of lean muscle mass. It is important for all people to maintain muscle mass while reducing our body fat percentage. However, for some of us, this can seem next to impossible and can encourage us to depend on supplements that can help us with our fitness goals. For some, the issue might be that they can’t gain, or maintain, muscle mass, and for others, it may be that they have difficulty lowering their body fat percentage.

After hearing about a product called Anavar, which is in essence a mild anabolic steroid, that can help females gain muscle mass and lower body fat percentage, I had to conduct my own research on the pros and cons of this supplement.

Anavar steroid
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Pros & Cons

Oxandrolone, the chemical name for Anavar, originated in 1964 and was aimed towards helping individuals overcome the weight loss that often came as a result of serious medical illnesses. Being a mild steroid, it could have been prescribed to women and children to help them regain weight and muscle mass. It is also used for many other medical purposes such as helping with weakening bone density and even AIDS. In the modern fitness world, this product is used by female body builders to help them lean out during the “cutting” phase, by enhancing muscle mass and lowering body fat. Anavar is the preferred choice for females during cutting because it lowers water retention, and helps before fitness shows by smoothing the appearance of body tone and reducing bloat.

Anavar steroid

Although this steroid is mild in nature, taking high doses does have side effects that resemble increases in masculinity, such as considerable growth of the clitoris. However, if this product is taken conservatively and as directed, one can avoid negative side effects, including increases in masculine characteristics among females. In contrast to the outer appearance of the body, when taking Anavar the internal effects of this supplement can include liver toxicity, risk of heart disease, stroke, ruptured ligaments, or weak bone development in adolescents if taken frequently and for long periods of time.

Females can notice benefits in body building by using as low as 5mg of this product daily, while some may use up to 20mg. This dose however, is too mild for men as they have larger amounts of testosterone and would require a greater boost than females in order to gain muscle mass. As a result, men often choose stronger supplements or steroids, however, if they decide to take Anavar, they would likely be taking at least 50mg or by taking it in addition to other supplements.


Although this product may be helpful for females interested in fitness and gaining muscle mass, while reducing body fat percentage, it is not something to be taken lightly. One should always conduct their own research and understand the possible positive and negative aspects associated with taking any supplement. Weighing the potential harmful side-effects against the positive body building benefits of using Anavar should be taken very seriously, and not without consulting a doctor.

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