The 5 Reasons Why Men Need To Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is a physical fitness activity that has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance over the past couple of decades.

Thirty years ago, it was seen by many as a niche activity and also one where the class attendance skewed significantly toward the female gender.

There was even this idea in some parts of the world that it was effeminate or too “New Age” or that you had to live somewhere like Berkeley or Portland to get into it.

why men need to start doing yoga

But all that changed in 2019, as yoga is not only enjoyed by both genders, but you’re also inclined to find a studio in just about any part of the country.

Professional athletes like baseball and football players are incorporating yoga into their off-season routines.

Even some professional wrestlers have begun to do it.

So, what is it about yoga that men find so useful?

Is it all about the physical?

Is there a mental or a psychological basis to it as well?

Let’s endeavor to answer those questions as we explain the five most prevalent reasons why men should start doing yoga today.


why men need to start doing yoga

One of the foremost reasons that men have started doing yoga is because it keeps the body limber.

There are various types of yoga, but one thread that runs through them all, from Bikram to Ashtanga, is that if you’re a regular practitioner, then it keeps your body supple, and that means you’re not as inclined to pull or strain a muscle because of a sudden motion.

This is particularly vital if you also lift weights or do some other similar activity.

If you put on muscle mass, then you’re likely to lose flexibility.

Taking yoga is a fantastic way to counteract that.

Men who are approaching middle age or are getting into the later stages of their lives are some of the ones who can see the most benefit from yoga, but there’s never a bad time to give it a try.

Inner Peace

why men need to start doing yoga

Yoga is more than an exercise routine; it is also a mindset.

Again, there are many different yoga disciplines, but they’re all about centering yourself and opening your chakras.

Even if you’re not inclined to get too deep into that aspect of it, the meditative nature of yoga can allow you to center yourself in a way that few other physical activities can.

There are lots of stresses and pressures in our lives.

They might come about from your job or an uncomfortable situation with a friend or a relative.

Your concerns might be financial.

While yoga isn’t a magical cure-all, there’s no denying that you’ll leave your sessions feeling much calmer.

why men need to start doing yoga

You’ll be more actively engaged with your life, and your problems will not seem anywhere near as insurmountable as they once did.

It Helps You Sleep

Do you have insomnia?

Lots of men do. It can be brought on by the consumption of too much caffeine.

You might be using your electronics too much before you go to bed, or there might simply be too many thoughts preoccupying you to allow your brain to shut down.

Yoga practitioners report that they sleep much better when they start going to classes multiple times a week.

It’s doubtless due to a combination of physical activity and the achieving of mental balance.

why men need to start doing yoga

Yoga can be a challenging workout physically, but that’s precisely why it helps you drop off to sleep at night. At the same time, you’re not as likely to be tormented by doubts and insecurities if you start doing yoga regularly.

That’s the perfect recipe for you to get in your recommended eight hours.

You Can Meet People

If you’re single, a yoga class is a great place to meet people.

You shouldn’t necessarily have the intention of picking someone up when you start taking yoga, but at the same time, when you’re engaged in physical activity alongside someone, it’s only natural that you’ll get to know them better after a while.

It’s possible that you might want to invite the young lady next to you out to coffee after you’ve established that you have some of the same interests.

why men need to start doing yoga

At the same time, even if you’re already in a relationship, yoga classes can be a suitable place to make new friends.

You already know that the people around you are into physical fitness, just like you are.

It’s entirely possible that you’ll have other things in common.

Pain Relief

Many men have jobs these days that put a lot of stress on parts of the body, like the legs and back.

If you spend multiple hours every day in front of a computer, for instance, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

why men need to start doing yoga

Yoga is the ideal exercise to improve your posture, and if you start attending regular classes, then you’ll soon find that pain in problem areas like your back, neck, hips, and calves will lessen.

Yoga will put you through your paces, and while you may find it to be a little difficult at first, if your body isn’t very flexible, if you stick with it, then the way it will alleviate your pain will astonish you.

Ready To Start Doing Yoga?

Then you’re in good company.

More men of different ages and many diverse backgrounds are trying yoga for the first time and loving the changes it brings about in every facet of their lives.

Start by taking a basic introductory class, and be sure to talk with the instructor about your physical condition and any possible limitations first.

There are modified versions of all the exercises that you can try as you work your way into better shape.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new. Make a change in your life and visit one of the yoga studios near you today.

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