Best Mass Gainers in India 2024– Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The culture of bodybuilding has transformed in the last 2-3 decades, especially in the subcontinent. Previously it was not looked upon too favorably by the average population, and there were quite a few untrue myths about bodybuilding in general and bodybuilders in particular.

Now, however, the scene is much different. People have begun to recognize that bodybuilding requires a great amount of dedication and sacrifice of lifestyle choices and is not simply about lifting weights and chugging protein shakes.

It should be mentioned that mass gainers have also been on the rise in bodybuilding as many people actually want to gain weight for the purpose of achieving their desired physical condition. This might be important for a variety of reasons depending upon individuals. It could be based on the need for additional strength or merely a matter of maintaining personal fitness.

Whatever the reason, it is of crucial importance that you have the right information regarding mass gainer supplements so that you can come around to an informed choice based upon facts and not myths. Despite its critics, mass gainers have been steadily on the rise in terms of sales in India, and if you are pondering over whether or not to use one, you have come to exactly the right place for answers.

Here in this article, we will make an attempt to demystify the question of mass gainer supplements so that you can know exactly what you are in for when you purchase a mass gainer to supplement your training and nutrition.

The reason why everyone is now looking for the best mass gainer in India is complex and merits some length of discussion. One aspect of the rise in popularity of mass gainers is that they provide the opportunity for individuals to meet their nutritional requirements in terms of calories with relative ease, as it is often difficult to eat who food throughout the day in regular routines.

Especially for those who have a job during the better part of the day, the mass gainer proves to be a great choice as it allows them to fulfill their respective caloric requirements at the drop of a hat.

Another possible reason for the rise in the use of mass gainers is that it often proves to be a costly affair, especially in the subcontinent, to find high-calorie foods at an affordable price. This point is especially realized by student and non-working individuals who cannot afford high-quality high-calorie foods for months on end on a daily basis.

All in all, the mass gainer is very useful as a supplement when you use it correctly in conjunction with required amounts of whole foods, a proper training regime, and adequate rest and recovery.

In the next section of this article, we will look at some of the important issues that need to be kept in mind while going for a mass gainer and how you should decide as to which ones are better and more suited to your caloric requirements in terms of macronutrients i.e. proteins, carbs, and fats.

The information that has been compiled in this article has been carefully considered and thoroughly cross-checked by various certified trainers and veterans of the fitness industry in consultation with medical practitioners and dieticians.

Most Important Factors For Choosing the Best Mass Gainer

mass gainers

3:1 ratio of carbs and proteins

Mass gainers have 3 of the macronutrients in some quantity, and you should make sure that the ratio of complex carbs and proteins present in the mass gainer is somewhere around the ratio of 3:1.

It is also best advised to ensure that the protein from the mass gainer is derived from slow-medium and fast-absorbing sources that give you the perfect balance between short-term recovery and long-term growth. These include proteins such as micellar casein, calcium caseinate, and whey proteins.

Whey is an example of a highly fast-digesting protein that is often used as a great post-workout boost to give your muscles the nutrients they require to kickstart the process of recovery. After a heavy workout, this is the perfect kind of protein to give your body a chance to start muscle protein synthesis.

On the other hand, there are slow-digesting proteins such as Casein and calcium caseinate, which work as great supplements for nighttime meals as well as in-between meals.

This kind of protein is great for preventing or minimizing muscle breakdown, preserving lean muscle mass, and also keeping the body in a positive nitrogen balance.

Complex carbs, on the other hand, are extremely slow to be digested by the body, and it is great for giving a boost to your workouts so that you don’t run short on essential fuels.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are very important as a component in nearly almost all mass gainers available in the Indian market. The presence of different kinds of digestive enzymes adds a boost to your overall process of digestion that is not only great for reducing the feeling of a bloated stomach.

It is also very crucial in fuelling your workouts and helping you in reaching and sustaining a very high level of intensity in your workouts which is a must if you want to achieve adequate size.

Low Levels Of Added Sugar

A lot of people look upon mass gainers with a lot of suspicions, and that is with good reason. There are many kinds of mass gainers, especially in the Indian market, which seek to add additional calories to every scoop by bumping up the levels of added sugar beyond ideally prescribed limits.

This is one of the easiest ways of increasing caloric value which many producers use, especially in the Indian market.

However, as a consumer of mass gainers, you should be especially aware of such products as they are not of the highest quality and will not give you the desired results in muscle gains that you seek so desperately.

Manufacturers often use this desperation for marketing their mass gainers as having high calorific value. It should be kept in mind that most high-quality mass gainers usually provide calories from high-quality sources as opposed to just sugars.

Cleaner calorie sources such as proteins and complex carbs tend to keep added sugar levels extremely low to the point of being negligible. You should ideally look for a mass gainer that does not contain more than 6 grams of sugar in a 100-gram serving.

Presence Of Essential Nutrients

mass gainers

Bodybuilding is not all about proteins and carbs. What you need to understand is that proteins and carbs are the fundamental building block of muscle and fuel, respectively. However, there are other vitamins and minerals which are extremely important in complementing your intake of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats.

These vitamins and minerals have an undeniably important role to play in relieving the metabolic stress that is created by exercise. The presence of important multivitamins in a mass gainer is fundamentally crucial in relieving fatigue and lowering tiredness that may accumulate over time owing to heavy high-intensity workouts.

Top 10 Best Mass Gainers in India 2024

Massone Mass Gainer Protein Powder by NutraOne

NutraOne Massone Mass Gainer Protein Powder Gain Mass Protein Meal Replacement (Chocolate Peanut Butter - 7 lbs.)
  • Amazing Taste: MassOne comes in 3 delicious flavors to choose from – Gourmet Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Vanilla.
  • Digest Over Time: This protein shake powder has both fast and slow digesting proteins for maximum benefits.

We start this list of some of the best mass gainers in the fitness industry with the Massone Mass Gainer Protein Powder by NutraOne. Although a relative newcomer to the fitness industry in India, Sinew has been steadily staking a claim as one of the most popular brands in the field of nutrition and health and has often been considered as an innovative and revolutionary formula in the sphere of mass gainers.

The most fundamental feature of this product is its ratio of proteins and carbs. As we have already mentioned in our important pointers for picking a mass gainer, the ratio of proteins to carbs should not be anything less than 3:1 in the case of mass gainers. This product from Sinew adheres to that very strictly, with around 64 grams of complex carbohydrates being supplemented by 20 grams of protein per serving.

As mentioned before this product brings to the table a very innovative and newly conceived formula that is enriched with digestive enzymes and also gives you 2 grams of fiber per serving.

Another very crucial aspect of this product that has resulted in increased sales is that it is ideally suited for post-workout recovery. This is primarily because of its composition and the presence of glutamine and glutamine peptides which are further enhanced with vitamins & essential minerals.

There is another issue that this mass gainer addresses better than any of the others in the current market scenario. That is the question of the formation of lumps in your powder which drastically reduces the mixability of the product and does not allow you to get the best results.

This issue is well taken care of in this product as it mixes very easily in water or milk, whichever you prefer to have it with without any sort of lumping or residue whatsoever.

As opposed to many of its contemporary newcomers to the market, which try and grant calorie boosts using ill-advised substances that might prove harmful to the internal functions of the body, this product uses healthy and pure ingredients to give your muscles the organic boost that your body deserves. All of these factors collectively come together to make this product a worthy first addition to this list.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, Weight Gainer Protein Powder, Mass Gainer, Vitamin C and Zinc for Immune Support, Creatine, Chocolate, 12 Pound (Packaging May Vary)
  • HIGH CALORIE WEIGHT GAINER: More than 1,200 calories per 2-scoop serving
  • 50 grams of blended protein per 2-scoop serving

Coming in at number on the list of the best mass gainers in India, we have the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder that is very popular amongst the youth as well as seasoned bodybuilders in India. The iconic aspect of this mass gainer is that it has whey concentrate as the primary source of protein, and it will give you a range of 42.9 G Protein and 140.7 G Carbs per 6 servings.

In addition to that, it will also give you 22 essential vitamins and minerals along with the added benefits of Creatine and Glutamine. One of the best mass gainers out there in the market is ideal for boosting muscle recovery and also helping you reach your overall physical goals by helping you gain weight and develop greater muscle mass.

This product is best used with around 200-250 ml of either water or milk using a shaker or even a hand blender to mix the powder thoroughly in the liquid of your choice. The chocolate flavor gives it a great taste and doesn’t let your taste buds get bored even after repeated long-term use.

The product is best taken along with breakfast in the morning. It is also a very widely used supplement for post-workout nutrition or even before going off to sleep in order to boost recovery and keep muscle protein synthesis on track.

If you have any other consumption advice from a personal trainer, you can follow that as well. The ideal use for this product is to consume it for a month on a proper diet for at least 3 times per day to see adequate gains in muscle and weight.

After careful consideration of all of the factors, we have come to the conclusion that this is definitely one of the best mass gainers supplements in India.

Genius Muscle Builder & Mass Gainer Supplement

Genius Muscle Builder & Mass Gainer, Strawberry Vanilla - 100% Natural Anabolic Activator Supplement for Men & Women - Weight Gainer for Lean Muscle Growth & Bodybuilding
  • Muscular Health, Function, and Performance*: Genius Muscle by The Genius Brand optimizes every aspect required for muscle growth with measurable results in men and women.* Made in the USA with a 100% transparent formula. Naturally flavored and sweetened with no banned substances. Strawberry Vanilla Cream flavor. 30 scoops per container.
  • Increase Power and Endurance*: Peak O2, an organic combination of 6 Ayurvedic mushrooms, has been shown to improve workout duration, strength, time to exhaustion, and much more.* Mediator Phosphatidic Acid has been shown to provide double the muscle mass gain, increased strength, and fat mass loss in individuals engaged in weight-bearing exercise and adequate protein intake.*

At number 3 on this list, we have another well-known product from Sinew, which has already found mentioned in our list. TheGenius Muscle Builder & Mass Gainer Supplement is the perfect product for finding high-quality proteins in a mass gainer which has some of the highest biological value proteins that you may hope to find. The highest level of a nutritional ratio of proteins and carbs stands at 6: 1 for this mass gainer, which is quite a feat.

In each serving of this mass gainer supplement, you will get 11.7g of protein, 70.1g of carbs, 475 calories, and 4.6g of BCAA’s per serving, and this also turns out to be the daily recommended dosage of this product. In terms of micronutrients, this mass gainer is rich and diverse as it gives you quite a few essential vitamins and minerals along with the macros.

The product is based upon a newly conceived formula that gives you the additional benefits of digestive enzymes as well as essential fibers, which aid the body in being able to digest food better and also help in undertaking faster absorption of energy and proteins.

In terms of mixability, the Genius Muscle Builder & Mass Gainer Supplement is very reliable as it easily gets diluted in water or milk if you follow the instructions of consumption which you can mix using a blender or even something as simple a spoon.

The mass gainer can be used effectively to make a delicious smoothie or a standard protein supplement and is quite easily right up there in the list of the best mass gainer supplement in India.

Mutant Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Mutant Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder - Mass builder for bulking and lean Mass gainer, The weight gainer men need to bulk up – 5 Pound – Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Weight gainer | Multi award-winning weight gainer protein powder sold in over 100 countries, delivers over 1,100 specially engineered calories per serving, with 52% less sugar than previous formulas.
  • Protein powder mass weight gainer protein powder | Each Mutant Mass includes 36 grams of BCAAs, EAAs, and 10.4 grams of glutamine, glutamine precursors, and arginine, which helps you bulk up!

Mutant is one of the more well-known brands that you will come across in this list, and that is by no means a coincidence. The Mutant Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder is an excellent option for people looking to build size and mass for newbies and also for advanced bodybuilders. With each and every serving of this, you will get around 30 grams of protein along with 59g of complex carbs and 3g of fiber.

The unique feature of this product is that it gives you the opportunity to keep your insulin levels in check thanks to the MCT (medium chain triglycerides) powder which is added to the supplement as a component. It also helps in the development of lean muscle mass in the body by helping you reduce body fat actively.

Also, there are no added artificial sugars in this mass gainer, so the entire 396 kcal of energy that you get from it per serving is derived from complex carb sources. No wonder this product has been getting so much attention, as an inquiry into it reveals its quality and effectiveness.

NAKED nutrition Vanilla Naked Mass Gainer

No products found.

Naked Nutrition gives us our fifth product, which brings us to the midway point of this list. The Arms Nutrition Machine Gun Mass Gainer comes in a variety of flavors, including the much acclaimed and splendidly delicious chocolate ice cream.

A perfect example of a high-calorie mass-gaining formula, this product equips you with 25gm Premium Protein, 2gm Leucine boosting protein synthesis, and 2gm Glutamine in a 100-gram serving. The glutamine helps you to prevent muscle breakdown, and there are also 2 grams of creatine which are fundamental in giving you the fuel you need to sustain your grueling workouts on a regular basis.

As far as the nutritional quality of the product is concerned, it gives you a nice rounded figure of 2 grams of protein that comes from 7 different sources. It gives you over 360 calories per serving with 7 important vitamins and multiple other digestive enzymes which help you to reach the physical form you desire.

Naked Vegan Mass – Natural Vegan Weight Gainer Protein Powder

NAKED Vegan Mass - Natural Vegan Weight Gainer Protein Powder - 8Lb Bulk, Gmo Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free & Dairy Free. No Artificial Ingredients - 1,230 Calories - 11 Servings
  • ONLY THREE INGREDIENTS: Pea Protein Powder, Organic Rice Protein Powder and Organic Maltodextrin (made from gluten free organic tapioca). Vegan Naked Mass contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors and is GMO Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free with no rBGH or rBST.
  • VEGAN NUTRITION: Each serving of our unflavored vegan weight gainer powder contains 50g of Protein, 248g of Complex Carbs, 1,230 Calories and 10.3g of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids). To ensure a complete amino acid profile, the ratio of pea to rice protein is 2:1.

The next mass gainer on this list forms a very reputed brand that has been occupying a steadily growing place in the Indian fitness industry and market. It is a great example of a high-protein, high-quality mass gainer which has its whey protein imported from the US.

The Naked Vegan Mass – Natural Vegan Weight Gainer Protein Powder will give you the benefits of all the essential amino acids and BCAAs that are so fundamental to muscle growth, irrespective of whether you are an amateur model or an elite bodybuilder.

The most widely celebrated aspect of this product is that it contains pancreatin, a multi-enzyme blend that is highly responsible for adding a significant boost to your body when it comes to the absorption of nutrients. The ideal usage of this product is to achieve serious gains in overall mass and support an equally grueling high-load training regime for that purpose.

Its emphasis on slow-digesting complex carbs ensures that there are no unwanted spikes in nutrition. When we talk about value-for-money products, this mass gainer is the perfect fit and will definitely add a much-required boost to your overall training and nutrition program so that you get the desired results.

BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer

BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer, Muscle Mass Gainer Protein Powder, Vanilla Ice Cream, 5.82 Pound
  • TRUE-MASS: 700 CALORIES PER SERVING – the extra nutrition your body needs to build mass in an extreme training program.
  • 2:1 RATIO OF CARBS & PROTEIN – provide your body a high-quality mix of carbs and protein to support your mass gaining goals

The next item on this list is another example of a product that has acquired a lot of names and fame in a relatively short period of time. The highest quality components are used to manufacture this mass gainer, including the purest grade, non-denatured, USDA wpc 80 whey protein concentrate as well as micellar casein.

The BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer is responsible for giving you approximately 50 grams of fast and slow-releasing protein per serving. In addition to this, the mass gainer also offers you around 11 grams of BCAAs, which are crucial in supporting your muscle growth.

In terms of the caloric value of this product, it is by no means underwhelming. A single scoop of this mass gainer will give you around 1250 calories per serving which is quite extraordinary in many respects.

The final icing on the cake, as far as this product is concerned, comes in the form of the triple cold filtration process, which includes both micro and ultrafiltration. For those individuals who are having a very tough time gaining weight, this product is really a godsend. It definitely ranks as one of the best mass gainers available in the current market.

BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer, Muscle Mass Gainer Protein Powder

BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer, Muscle Mass Gainer Protein Powder, Strawberry Milkshake, 5.82 Pound
  • TRUE-MASS: 700 CALORIES PER SERVING – the extra nutrition your body needs to build mass in an extreme training program.
  • 2:1 RATIO OF CARBS & PROTEIN – provide your body a high-quality mix of carbs and protein to support your mass gaining goals

Our third product from the Sinew brand brings us to the much talked about BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer, Muscle Mass Gainer Protein Powder, which has everything in place to ensure that you get your calories required for building size. Essentially comprised of high biological value proteins, this product gives you 105g of Protein, 135g of Carbs, 1185 calories & 23.7g of BCAAs per 3 servings.

It also has the added advantages brought to you by 27 essential minerals and vitamins, which is crucial in giving your body the right tools to conduct a satisfactory post-workout recovery. Furthermore, the powers of this product are further accentuated thanks to the presence of a diverse range of digestive enzymes, which make it a must-have for everyone wishing to pack on decent size with good quality calories.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass Weight Gainer Powder – 6 lbs, 2.72 kg (Chocolate)

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, Weight Gainer Protein Powder, Chocolate, 6 Pound (Packaging May Vary)
  • High Calorie Weight Gainer: 1,250 Calories per 2-Scoop Serving
  • Product Note: Exposure to heat or sunlight may lead to melting/damage of product. Hence customers are expected to be available during the product delivery

Optimum Nutrition is a widely popular name in the fitness industry, not just in India but essentially all over the world. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass Weight Gainer Powder gives you a mammoth 1250 calories per serving and is known to have the highest biological value in terms of the ingredients it uses.

With every scoop, you will get around 250 grams of carbohydrates that are drawn from high-quality sources without any form of added sugar in the mix. All of this is complemented by 25 essential vitamins and minerals and over 50 grams of blended protein to give your muscles the nutrition they require after each and every grueling workout session and also throughout the entire day.

All things considered, we would definitely want you to consider this product if you’re looking for a worthy mass gainer to invest in.

Dymatize Nutrition Super Mass Gainer – 6 lbs (Rich Chocolate)

No products found.

The final product on this list is from Dymatize Nutrition which is an extremely reputable brand when it comes to health and nutrition products. The Dymatize Nutrition Super Mass Gainer is very well known for actively preventing muscle catabolism which essentially means the breakdown of muscle tissue.

It also dramatically decreases the chances of illness or infection as it gives a much-needed boost to your immune system which will keep you fit and healthy for good.

Not only this, but it also actively promotes the growth of muscle tissue and is known for fast results when used with a proper training regimen and a well-balanced diet.

Furthermore, it also contains glutamine which offers great benefit to the body by replenishing depleted levels of glutamine during extended sessions of grueling workouts over a period of weeks and months.

The popular verdict on this product is very positive, and we see no reason as to why this mass gainer won’t give you your desired physique as it has to so many of its users in the past.

What Are The Advantages Of A Mass Gainer?

mass gainers

A mass gainer has several different advantages for its user in attaining the goals related to one’s physique and fitness levels. The most fundamental perk of using a mass gainer is that upon correct usage, it will result in the growth of some amount of increased muscle mass.

It will also give you a host of other accessory benefits, such as a higher amount of energy and an easy way of reaching your caloric intake requirement. It also increases your convenience levels of following a diet while acting as a great avenue for meal replacements as and when required.

Other perks of using a mass gainer include faster recovery periods as well as a bunch of healthy fats that allow you to retain muscle while staying relatively lean. Last but not least, mass gainers also give you added vitamins, nutrients, and fibers to help you reach your micronutrient goals as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is mass gainer good for skinny guys?

Mass gainers may prove to be extremely useful for skinny guys, often called “hard gainers” in common parlance. These are individuals who have trouble absorbing calories and usually have to eat a lot of calories in order to attain a caloric surplus which is the precondition to gaining weight. In these cases, a mass gainer used properly with a good training routine, and a well-balanced diet could result in muscle growth and weight gain.

Do mass gainers have side effects?

The whey protein and carbs that come with mass gainers have no side effects. However, they have been reported to lead to liver problems as a result of prolonged, inappropriate intake. In the case of insolubility, nausea may occur. But it should be mentioned that taken according to instructions and correct advice, mass gainers do not have any major negative side effects.

Is it ok to take mass gainers without working out?

It is generally not advisable to take mass gainers without having any kind of workout routine. It should be mentioned, however, that a workout need not always mean a standard gym workout or one with weights or involving standard exercises. It could also be different forms of physical activities such as swimming, cycling, or even playing athletic sports. In short, some form of physical activity is a must if you want to use a mass gainer and see the best results.

Does mass gainer help you gain weight?

Yes. Mass gainers have the fundamental purpose of causing weight gain and consequent increases in size. If taken in the right dosage with adequate training and proper nutrition from whole foods, you will surely see results. It’s important to mention that mass gainers are supplements. Supplements by their very definition, are supposed to act supplementary to the main routine, which includes proper diet and rest.

Gain Mass with the Best Mass Gainer in India 

Everyone wants to look fit and strong, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise for sub-standard mass gainers. Choosing low-quality products can do for harm than good, and hence we request you make an informed decision while choosing the best mass gainer. Our guide is designed to help you in that process.

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