Top 12 Best Hair Rollers in 2024 Reviews

The price you have to pay for beauty is increasingly expensive from time to time; especially when you are a woman. This relatively leads to an increase in Do-It-Yourself inspiration and tools to get anything done.

For just hair alone, the best tip to get a perfect natural hair look is to use hair rollers. What’s great about using hair rollers is that it does not damage your hair, are portable, and do not need electricity to work them.

Ladies, if you are on a hunt to find the best hair rollers, this article is just right for you. In the below part, we will be discussing the top 12 best hair rollers plus what is good and what is not about them. Keep reading to find out a full review of top hair rollers.

Our List of Top 12 Best Hair Rollers on Amazon

BESSEEK Hair Rollers with Bag

Hair Rollers, 12 Pack Self Grip Salon Hairdressing Curlers, DIY Curly Hairstyle,Colors May Vary, Small
  • 💃 TRAVEL SIZE: 24 mm/ 0.95 inch in diameter. Convenience, take-to-go package with zipper for efficient storage.
  • 💃 VERSATILE: A practical styling tool which can help you braid all kinds of vintage hair style easily. For hair of all types and textures.

The first super versatile hair rollers are from BESSEK. It is made in just the right size, allowing it to be conveniently portable, so you can get your hair done wherever you go. It is highly recommended for vintage hairstyles as the rollers are measured at 0.95” in diameter, so you can have the classic wave very easily with this hair roller. Unlike most hair rollers on the market, BESSEK can easily stick to your hair; hence, you would not need to use extra clips or pins to secure it. Last but not least, since this hair roller requires no heat or chemical addiction, your hair and head would not get damaged.


  • Comes with a zipper bag for easy storage.
  • You can do any hairstyle with this roller without limitation.
  • Do not need to use clips or pins.


  • Curly hair people might find this a bit stuck when taking it out from the hair.

Blulu Hair Rollers with Clips

Self Grip Hair Rollers Set, Self Holding Rollers and Multicolor Plastic Duck Teeth Bows Hair Clips Hairdressing Curlers for Women, Men and Kids (24 Pieces, 25 mm)
  • Small size : the diameter is approx. 25 mm/ 0.98 inches, you can use it make waves, retro rolls, air bangs and other shapes for your bangs or hair tails
  • Package includes : comes with 12 pieces jumbo size self grip rollers and 12 pieces colorful plastic duckbill clips, multiple quantity combinations meeting you produce curls or waves of the same shape

Up next, are the smaller-size hair rollers from Blulu. These are perfect for retro roll hairstyles or hair bangs. Blulu offers its product multiple clips that you can use to secure your hair when waiting to reveal a perfect curl. Moreover, you can also use these clips to separate your hair into an organized sections for easy styling.

With Blulu, there is always a great use of it. Even though someday you might feel glamorous to have the best hair day, you can still use it to hold your bang while working on chores or doing makeup.


  • Hair rollers come with clips without an extra charge.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.


  • The clip is a bit fragile when putting on intense pressure.

Wendy Mall Adhesive Hair Rollers

2Pcs/Set Plastic Hair Rollers Curlers Bangs Self-Adhesive Hair Volume Hair Curling Styling Tools Magic Women DIY Makeup Tools S
  • Not hurt, no deformation, not a waste, can be recycled several times
  • Do not have to go to the barber shop can make beautiful fashion hair

Have you ever gotten jealous of seeing someone with a perfect bang? Well, their secrets may lie with Wendy Mall’s hair roller. The key purpose of this hair roller is to give the consumer a nice fluffy and high-volume hairstyle; the one that you normally pay a fortune to get it done at a professional salon. With a Wendy Mall hair roller, it is very simple to use plus it will not concern you with any electrical tools to heat your hair.


  • Perfect for big-wave hairstyles.
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • There are only 2 hair rollers in the package, so you would have to spend an extra minute to get all your hair done.

GOROANLY Affordable Hair Rollers

49 PCS Self Grip Hair Rollers Set for Stunning Waves & Curls - Large, Medium, Small Sizes with Comb & Clips
  • Variety of Sizes: Includes large (1.49 inches), medium (1.18 inches), and small (0.98 inches) rollers for versatile styling.
  • Effortless Styling: Achieve beautiful curls and waves effortlessly with these self-grip rollers.

Next, this product is rated as one of the most flawless hair rollers you could ever find on the market and it is no doubt from GOROANLY. There are many great points about this product. Also, it comes in 3 different sizes to style your hair based on different sections.

This also allows it to be usable on men and kids. There are a total of 36 pieces with clips and folding plastic combs, all at the most affordable price. With just a set of these hair rollers, you can rock everywhere you go.


  • Many sizes are available for different wave styles and hair lengths.
  • Comes with clips and a comb.
  • Super affordable for such quality.


  • 36 hair rollers can be underused for someone.

WILLBOND Hair Rollers 28 Pcs

28 Pieces Heatless Curlers No Heat Spiral Curls Hair Curlers Styling Kit with 2 Pieces Styling Hooks for Most Kinds of Hairstyles (Assorted Color, 20 cm)
  • Hair curlers set: you will get 28 pieces hair curlers, and also will get 2 pieces styling hooks for applying the hair curlers; Each hair curler can be stretched to a sufficient length, creating formal or casual spiral curls for hair
  • Fit most hair types: the hair curlers are easy to use and suit various hair types such as frizzy, naturally curly, straight and so on, make beautiful curly and body wave hair without damage; Soft material allows you to tie them up and back with a scarf during sleeping, get adorable curls in the next day

If you feel like using the conventional hair rollers is not convenient enough, you must want to try these spiral curlers from WILLBOND. Comes with 28 pieces, WILLBOND spiral curler is the best alternative that fits very well with any hair type as long as you aim to have a perfect curl. Moreover, the material is soft which does not damage your hair you can sleep the whole night with it and would not feel uncomfortable, either. It requires no heat to use on this spiral hair although you can still use a medium heat dryer to fasten the process if you do not want to wait for a night.


  • Can set up your hair in the curler and sleep overnight to save preparation time in the morning.
  • Applicable with any hair type.
  • Can be curled without heat.


  • Might not get full curl for long hairs.

Zhehao Hair Rollers for Professionals and Beginners

Zhehao 36 Pcs Pink Foam Sponge Hair Rollers 2.76 Inch Small Flexible Sleeping Hair Curlers Soft Hairdressing Curlers for Women Girls Hair Styling(Blue, 2 cm Diameter)
  • Package Includes: 36 pieces sponge flexible foam hair rollers, 2.76 * 0.79 inch, please refer to pictures for checking the detailed size information before purchase
  • Wide usage: the flexible sponge foam hair rollers are proper for hair of various types and textures, and fit for both wet and dry hair; A good choice for your hair styling

The premium quality hair rollers that do not hurt your hair are from Zhehao. Unlike most hair rollers that have hard surfaces, Zhehao uses sponge foam that works very well with both wet and dry hair. On top of that, because it is made with sponge foam, you can also sleep with them overnight and get ready tomorrow without having to spend the morning preparing for it. With Zhehao, you can definitely get your hair made professionally without spending a single cent with a professional salon.


  • Includes 36 pieces in a package at an affordable price.
  • There will be no damage done to your hair due to the feature of sponge foam hair rollers.


  • It only allows a small portion of hair on every piece of hair roller, so it might take some time to finish the rolling.

AFANSO Rolling Curlers

Jumbo Size Hair Roller sets, Self Grip, Salon Hair Dressing Curlers, Hair Curlers, 2 size 24 packs
  • ✔ JUMBO SIZE: Comes with jumbo 1.8 inch 12pcs and super jumbo sizes 2.5 inch 12 pcs, you can create big, bouncy salon-style curls
  • ✔ EASY TO USE: The Velcro hair rollers give your hair a charming volume with curls or bounce. Easy to use with amazing effect. No require the use of pins or clips as the velcro holds the hair and roller in place.

AFANSO is another highly-rated hair roller that many women choose to use every day. It is designed in two sizes, jumbo, and super jumbo. Both sizes give you a big, bouncy, and fluffy salon hair effect. Without having to use a hairdryer or hairspray addiction, you can get your hair curled by simply applying it on the half-dry hair or spraying some water on it and leaving it to dry. Although you can still use the hairdryer for faster results. Lastly, the surface of this hair roller can stick to the hair easily; therefore, you do not have to use it with clips.


  • Perfect for big wave styles.
  • Comes with different size for different styling.


  • Might not work with curly hair without strengthening it first.

Minerva 42-Pack Curlers

No products found.

Moving on, there are the famous twist flex-foam hair rollers from Minerva. This brand has been used by anyone from a normal individual to a professional hairstylist as it is not only convenient to use, but it is also super affordable, compared to electric curlers.

Minerva has 42 pieces of hair rollers in a box. It is highly recommended for medium and short hair for small wave curls. Since the material used for this is just foam, you can simply curl your hair and sleep a night with it to wake up with a stunning look.


  • Can curl and sleep overnight.
  • Backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Works best only with short and medium hair

Conair Hair Curler with Sizes

Conair Heatless Curlers- heatless curls overnight - Hair Rollers for Lift & Volume - Assorted Sizes and Colors - Velcro Rollers - 31 Count w/storage case
  • SELF GRIP HAIR ROLLERS: Create lift & volume with this set of 31 multi-sized Self Grip Hair Rollers. These Hair Curlers smooth the hair & leave no indentation marks and can be used on wet or dry hair with or without styling lotion or gel.
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF CURLS, WAVES, UPDOS & MORE: From hot rollers, straighteners, bun forms, & styling kits, Conair has everything you need to give yourself a salon-worthy hairstyle at home!

Get beautiful salon hair every day with Conair. Comes in a safe bag, these self-grip rollers will curl your hair without leaving an indentation mark no matter if you curl it with your dry or wet hair. Similar to the other hair roller, with Conair, you would not have to use a hairdryer or any heater to curl it. Therefore, even when you are out in a remote area without electricity, you can still have the perfect hair for the day. The products come with all-important accessories from hair rollers to clips and brushes.


  • Hair rollers with multiple sizes for several styling.
  • The product comes with all accessories; ready to use immediately.
  • Designed with Self-grip, so there’s no need to use clips.


  • The smaller hair roller might cause choking hazards for small kids if you have one; so make sure you keep it away from their reach.

xnicx Travel Rolling Curlers

xnicx 47pcs 7'' Hair Curlers Rollers Flexi Rods Flexible Curling Rods Set No Heat Heatless Bendy Foam Hair Curls for Long, Medium, Short Hair to Sleep in
  • VARIETY: 47pcs of 7 inch (18cm) long Flexi rods hair rollers curlers are suitable for curling long, medium, and short hair to sleep in.
  • EASY TO USE & FLEXIBLE: Easy, quick, bend, twist, roll, foam made without hurting hair to create beautiful, bouncy and gorgeous curly curls effortlessly.Curlers you can sleep in.

Another best alternative to Minerva on #5 is this premium quality Flexi-rods hair roller. Those who have used Flexi-rod normally only want to stick with Flexi-rod because it is very soft and gentle to hair; that is the main reason why xnicx is widely used.

These foam-made rollers come in 7 different sizes and colors for multiple hairstyles. For small to medium-sized curls, you can get it done without the heat required. Moreover, the surface is as smooth as your hair when released from the roller. If you have a daughter, you can also use the smaller size with her hair, too.


  • Many pieces with several sizes in a pack.
  • Products come with a travel size and portable package.


  • The smallest roller can create a frizzy mess especially if  you have short hair.

JANYUN Hair Curling Tool

JANYUN 40 Pcs Pink Magic Hair Rollers Include 20pcs Large Silicone Curlers and 20pcs Small Silicone Curlers
  • You will get 20pcs dark pink large hair curlers and 20pcs dark pink small hair curlers in a zipper bag, and we also gave you a wig net cap as a present.color: pink as shown in the pics.
  • The material is quality medical-grade soft silicone, hypoallergenic, odorless and non-slip.No hurt for your healthy hair, no pins, clips, electricity or heat required.

Another top solution to having curly hair without damaging a single hair is to curl it with this high-quality pink hair roller from JANYUN. Unlike most products that are made from plastic, JANYUN is made with medical-grade silicone which is both odorless and hypoallergenic. One great thing about this product, indeed, is that it is super clean even after releasing your hair. Unlike most hair rollers that will break and get your hair sticker on it, this hair curler will not cause such concern. Instead, you can wash it anytime you want for extra-hygienic purposes.


  • Made from safe and soft silicone.
  • No clips or heat are required to curl.
  • Products are completely cleanable.


  • Works only with small hair sections.

Tifara Beauty 42-Pack Hair Tool

Tifara Beauty Salon Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers Curlers 42-pack 7" Soft Foam Flexi Twist Curling Rods for Short Long Hair
  • Hair Roller Set: Great alternative to velcro, these rollers come in 42 pieces, all 7-inches with 6 thickness types. Perfect for curling short, medium, and long hair.
  • No Damage to your Hair: These heatless hair curlers are safe to wear during sleep, and will help you achieve the curls that you desire with no heat damage to your hair.

The last product in the list is the best hair roller anyone could afford and everyone should own, and it is from Tifara Beauty. Similar to #3 and #5, this hair roller is made from premium lightweight foam that causes no harm to your hair or your skin. There are 42 pieces in a pack that exists with 7 different sizes for different styling.

You can choose your day with how you want your hair to look with just a box of this Flexi-rod. Many customers are satisfied with this, not only as a result of curling but also because it is fast and easy to work it while you can also sleep comfortably. Also, since the product is completely bendable, you can use it forever without getting it spoiled.


  • Soft, bendable, and lightweight.
  • Comes in a box for easy carriage or storage.
  • Works best for thick hair.


  • On some rare occasions, your hair might fall into the white end and get stuck, so it might be a bit annoying to drag your hair out.


All in all, despite a few small points I marked as cons in each product, all of them are still the top-rated hair rollers to go with. Hence, regardless of which you choose, it will perform just as great as you would expect.

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