Best Table Showers in 2024 Reviews

Sit down and take a load off that is exactly what you can do when you take your next shower. One of the top 11 best table showers in 2023 will let you sit relax and let the water droll across your body. These tables or stools are sturdy and hold enough weight to keep you secure in your shower.

On top of that, they are well-made and look very decorative. Plus they should have a good weight capacity to hold all members of your family. Taking a shower doe snot have to harm or stress your legs or joints.

To find out all about these top shower tables, just continue to read our review. It is filled with the information you need to make a smart choice. Once you have the best in your home, your showers should be safer and more comfortable.

After you have read the review, keep on reading our buying guide. It is designed to help you find the best of the best shower tables available. It’s not a hard search when you know what to look for.

List of Our Best Table Showers Reviews 2024

Asta Siena Solid Teak Shower Stool

Made from very tough solid hardwood, this teak shower table or stool is what the doctor ordered. You can sit down have an ice comfortable shower and keep your legs from getting tired out.

Once inside your shower stall or bathroom, you can place about 250 pounds on top of it. Its lower shelf can be for shower supplies that don’t mind getting wet. Then with height-adjusting feet, you can always keep the table nice and level. Stability is king when it comes to showers.

On top of that, no assembly is required and this shower table or stool is ready to go once it hits your doorstep. The wonderful thing about this table is that it is very versatile. It can be used inside, outside, for showers, and for just about anything you like.

EcoDecors Satori Shower Stool

EcoDecors Satori Teak Wood Shower Shaving Foot Rest Stool Natural Rustic Finish - 10" D x 14" W x 15" H
  • 🛠️COMPACT DESIGN: Designed to be a foot rest for shaving legs while in the shower. This is not designed to be a sitting bench due to it's height of 15" and smaller top area of 10" x 14". It is the pefect height, and size to provide a safe and comfortable resting surface to place your leg while shaving in the shower.
  • 🏗️ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT FOOT LEVELERS: This shower seat stool is perfect for anyone looking for a safe, sturdy, and comfortable bench to use while showering. The foot pads make it easy to adjust the height of the bench to sloping shower floors. Our proprietary coating process ensures the teak finish's durability and resistance to moist environments.

Not all showers are level, which is why the feet on this shower stool are height adjustable. Making sure the stool is stable is key to having a great sit-down shower. Just a few twists and you have a nice safe stool to sit on.

Also, the teak wood used in making this stool is solid, durable, and looks great in any bathroom. Measuring 15 inches high, and 14 by 10 inches in the width you should have a comfortable shower seat to use every day.

Plus, you should not put more than 250 pounds on top of it at any one time. It is strong but not that strong. To have it last a long time proper care is needed. Don’t let soap or shampoo, etc., sit on the wood for very long. Wipe those things up quickly so they do not harm the wood.

ALATEAK Corner Wood Shower Table

ALATEAK Corner Wood Bath Spa Shower Stool Table Bench Shelf Storage Fully Assembled 15"
  • 18x15x15 - No Assemble Needed
  • SOLID TEAK Natural water resistance with rich brown stain

One of the most positive contributions this top shower table brings to your home is support. Its corner design allows you to lean back and rest your back as you let that hot water run over your body relaxing your muscles.

Then when you are ready, you can reach down and grab your shower supplies and get to work. Once you have this 18 by 15 by 15-inch stool in your home, 375 pounds can be placed on it at any given time. It is sturdy and a very strong stool to use.

Made from solid teak you can use this stool as a nice corner table, place it inside or out or just let it hang out in the bathroom till you need to take another shower. It’s very flexible to where it goes.

Satori Teak Shower Bench

DecoTeak, Satori, 24", Teak Shower Bench, Teak Shower Stool, Teak Shower Stool for Inside Shower, Teak Shower Bench for Inside Shower, Wood Teak Shower Bench
  • Teak Bathroom Stool is a space-saving design with a curved shower seats for adults and anti-slip feet. The curved bathroom bench is a waterproof shower bench and is superior to bamboo shower stool.
  • "This teak shower seat is perfect for anyone looking for a safe and comfortable wood shower bench to use while showering. The teak bench shower has adjustable, rubber pads for sloping shower floors. "

One thing about this curved tabletop is. It has a very nice oriental look to it and that feature can help you produce an Oriental influence in your bathroom. A bottom shelf will hold towels, soaps, shampoos, and more.

After you get it to your bathroom or another area of your home, the foot levelers make sure slanted floors are not destabilizing this table. The 24-inch table top should be enough room for you to sit comfortably.

On the conservative side, this solid wood table or shower stool should be able to hold at least 200 pounds. Check the box for an exact figure. Made from solid wood this table should last you for years to come. That will save you some money in the long run. An aspect you may like a lot.

Bambusi Bamboo Bathroom Stool

Bamboo is a beautiful wood. It upgrades just about any room you find it in. This bamboo shower table or stool is no exception to that fact. When you purchase this top shower table you are not only getting great quality, but you are also getting a footpad.

The bamboo footpad lets you place your feet on it without fear of slipping. With their anti-bacterial properties, your showers should remain safe and very healthy for you. Once it arrives at your door, you will need to spend a few minutes assembling the table but it is worth the time and trouble. No tools are needed.

A storage shelf lets you use the extra room for whatever you need to place there. That makes this shower table very convenient to use. You have a secure place to sit and your shower supplies are within easy reach.

Giantex Bamboo Corner Shower Bench

Giantex Bamboo Corner Shower Bench W/Shelf for Bathroom Spa Bath Organizer Corner Table Stool Corner Teak Shower Bench
  • 〖Delicate Corner Shape〗A perfect fit for any corner, this shower bench can be placed in any corner of the room. With an additional 2 tiers for storing and organizing your belongings, this bench will allow you to save more ground space in your room.
  • 〖Premium & Lightweight Material〗 Having been crafted to meet the highest manufacturing standards, our corner stool guarantees high quality. In addition to being stable and durable. Furthermore, 100% bamboo material ensures the lightweight design of the bench, making it easy to carry and move around.

It may be a shower table but this solid bamboo table can be placed just about anywhere you like it. It is that good-looking and strong. Its holding ability stops at 220 pounds but that is more than enough to handle your workload or shower times.

The curved design gives you lots of room to sit while remaining very decorative. Plus, the corner construction lets you sit back and really relax when you want to lose the day’s stress.

Rounded edges and strong construction make sure this is a very strong and safe shower table to have in your home. Kids can use it as well. The bottom shelf is a great place to place your shower supplies.

URFORESTIC 100% Natural Bamboo Folding Stool

URFORESTIC Shower Bench-Bamboo Folding Shower Stool Seat Chair Fully Assembled-Hold Up to 500 LBS
  • Super large.Durable which can support about 500 pounds.The bench measures 17" inches Long, 13.2 inches wide & 17.6" inches tall
  • Crafted from natural bamboo, which is super sturdy and air purifying, relieves your fatigue and benefit to your health.

One of the nicer aspects of this shower table or stool is that it can be folded up and put away when it is not needed. Once the shower is over the stool can stay out of sight till you need it again.

The 17 by 13 by 18-inch approx size may not seem like a strong or large table but it holds about 500 pounds without really trying that hard. Plus, this table can be used in your RV, campsite, patio, and a million other places. It is not restricted to your shower only.

On top of that, no assembly is required. Just take it out of the box and place it where you want it to be.

ALATEAK Corner Teak Wood Shower Corner Table

ALA Teak Corner Teak Wood Bath Spa Shower Stool Corner Table Bench Stool Fully Assembled Brown
  • SOLID TEAK Natural water resistance with rich brown stain. Fully Assembled
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT FOOT PADS For sloped shower floors. No Assemble Needed

Corner tables are fun, especially when they fit into your shower. Not only do you get back support, but they also do not take up a lot of room. That means you can stand or sit when it is your shower time.

In addition, the teak wood is mold and mildew resistant. That is an extra defense in your fight to keep your bathroom a healthy place to be. Then the curved design measures 19 by 12 by 16 inches approx., in size. More than enough room to comfortably sit during your shower.

Also, the solid teak construction should hold about 250 pounds, give or take 10 pounds. This weight capacity makes this an indispensable shower tool for you. It’s easy to place in your home.

YBJ-ake Shower Bench

Shower Bench, Spa Seat with 2-Tire Storage Racks Shelf, Durable and Stable Indoor &Outdoor Bench with 100% Bamboo, Nice Curving Bench- by Ybj-ake
  • FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Beautiful design with curving seat and slatted design is good for heat dissipation and water drainage.With this perfect height.
  • QUITE FUNCTIONAL: Spa bench placed in the corner will not take too much space and keep towels,shower gel etc. Close at hand. Both for indoor and outdoor use including bathroom,living room,garden etc. You can shave easily or sit on it.

Lighten up your bathroom with this top shower table. Its light bamboo look makes sure that even a dark bathroom decor gets brighter. Once it is in your bathroom, you have a tough shower stool at your disposal.

After you spend a few minutes putting it together, this bamboo shower table holds about 400 pounds. Cleaning it is as easy as assembling it. All it takes is a wipe down from a damp cloth and the task should be done.

Its 24 by 13 by 18-inch size makes sure your rear end has a nice large surface to sit on while you shower. You can get comfortable and enjoy your shower for a long time. Hen if you need a table elsewhere in the house, this table is more than willing to accommodate you.

Zhuoyue Corner Shower Bench

Zhuoyue Corner Shower Bench & Shower Stool with Storage Shelf, Corner Seat for Shower, Use as Small Corner Table
  • EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: The corner shower bench is made of 100% nature bamboo, which is sturdy and durable. our shower stool has a delicate touch, rounded corners, finely polished edges, smooth surface without burrs.
  • 2-TIER SHOWER BENCH: Shower bench with 2-tier storage shelf, can hold a variety of your bath stuff. the wide seat provides plenty of room for bathing or shaving legs.

Whether you need it in your shower or not does matter. What matters is that this bamboo shower table looks so good it can be used in any room you like. it also works outside if you need it there.

After about 15 minutes, this table should be assembled and ready to go to work. Once it is up and ready it should hold about 250 pounds of weight. More than enough to handle shower duties in your home. In addition, it makes a great bedside table when you need one.

On top of all that, this strong and sturdy table is very durable. Under normal use, it should last and last. The bottom shelf will hold whatever you place on it. It’s a very amiable table that seeks to please you.

AquaTeak The Original Corner Teak Shower Bench

AquaTeak The Original 15.5" Kai Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf
  • Naturally Water Resistant & Durable (Indoor or Outdoor Use)
  • Sustainably Harvested 100% Solid Teak Wood Shower Bench

Not everyone can stand safely on their own feet. When you get to that age you will be grateful that you invested in this top shower bench. With its leg levelers, you can make sure the table is stable all the time.

With its ability to hold heavy weight should be able to last till you get to that age where you need to sit when you shower. The rubber should keep it from moving about as you sit on it. Made from solid teak this table has a bottom shelf for supplies or decorative items.

Stainless steel hardware adds to its strength keeping rust and corrosion away. When not needed in the shower, it can pull double duty and hold other items in your house. It is a very attractive piece of furniture to own.

Our Buying Guides

best table showers

Getting just any old shower table just will not do. They won’t look as good as these and they may not perform as well as these do. When out shopping for a good shower table here are some guidelines to follow. That way you are assured of getting the best of the best:

1. Construction material- this is one of the first items to look at. Wood is always best as it is strong, decorative, and can resist mold, mildew, rust, and more contaminants. Plus, it fits anywhere in your home.

2. Hardware- stainless steel is the best as it is strong, resists rust and corrosion and you can find replacements in any hardware t=store or section.

3. Size- you want to make sure the size of the table will fit all users and keep them nice and comfortable.

4. Stability- leg levelers are a must. Shower floors are not level and you need adjustable feet to make sure the table remains stable every time it is used.

5. Price- make sure the table fits your budget. You do not want to overspend. Sometimes cheaper tables are as good or better than the more expensive options


When it comes to showers standing up may not always be an option. That is why using one of the top 11 best shower tables in 2023 is a smart idea. You get good looks, stability, and a place to relax as the water flows over your body.

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