We think about the foods that we put into our bodies, but what about the lotions and shampoos that we put onto them? Our skin is our biggest organ don’t forget. It is absorbent and porous so it is really important to think about what we put onto it and similarly what we put onto our hair and scalp. If you know me and my mum, you will know that we got currrrrls We are so lucky to have Magda Jagri at 10500 in Notting Hill who is not only an incredible hairdresser, but is passionate about only using products that are good for our bodies and our planet. Here are some BEST NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS from Magda.

Naturally, we all like to have a beautiful shiny and healthy looking hair. Unfortunately, it largely depends on the conditions we live in and what we use to balance it all out. Having so much option is quite confusing and it’s hard to know what is the difference between all the organic titled products. I have tested out many, but there are only a few brands that really brought measurable results on my clients’ hair.

What do I look for in a product? Planet and animal friendly, lightweight, does the job it says on the bottle and creates magic. Seems too much? Think again.

Working with Kevin Murphy products for many years now, I have regained my faith in that there are likeminded visionaries, who share the same passion towards our future. Sustainable resources, pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants, they have it all. It’s hard to cover all types of hair needs, but Kevin seems to come up with an innovative approach season after season, year after year.

As a curly hair specialist, I found the most common problem to tackle is thick frizzy hair. Now you’d think that people with thick hair have it all, but this isn’t always the case.

My number one frizz and curl control super weapon for curly hair is hands down the Motion Lotion.

Kevin Murphy Motion.lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion, 5.1 Ounce
  • A weightless, invisible lotion
  • Formulated to add body and control, it enhances curls on long or fine hair

The key ingredients of it are: Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract; Sesame-, Bergamot-, Geranium- and Patchouli oils. A lightweight, but strong curl-defining machine, which turned even the biggest skeptics to butter. Curls have become soft and luscious, frizz under control and smells so fresh, that your friends will think that you started a new carrier in a flower shop.

If you have fine or medium thick hair, you’ll need some underlying support. The best ever mousse, is the Body Builder. In contrary to many other brands on the market, it has no crunchy residue and not only does it give a great amount of volume, but tames any unruly frizz.  Use it together with the Motion Lotion and your curls will be bouncing for a week straight. The key ingredients of this product’s are: Sunflower seed -, Citrus-, Almond- and Vitamin B extracts.

Finally, lets get to the finishing line for an added extra shine, the very new Shimmer Shine Spray. This little bit of magic in a bottle (with gold shimmering particles) falls under a new segment called Treatment Styling, which means that is not only producing the most reflective sheen, but it will feed your hair with essential oils that repair damaged hair, bioflavonoids and vitamins at the very same time. I use it on practically everyone with longer hair. If you are between shampoo days, you can easily revive your hair with spraying it onto the ends of your hair.

BCL Kids Shimmer And Shine Hair Detangler Spray 8 Oz (two bottle)
  • pack of 2
  • Hair brushing has been made with the sweet scent of cotton candy!

If you are new to Kevin Murphy products, be prepared that it will change your life, whilst you are helping this planet and make a difference.

Be honest, be healthy. J

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