Get Glowing Skin With No Effort With Best Dermapen

Do you have skin prone to acne, wrinkles, or other blemishes? If so, the best dermapen for all skin types may raise your interest.

This device uses micro-needles to penetrate the skin and promote collagen production. It can solve many skin problems, including acne, wrinkles, and scars. The best part is that this device can be used on all skin types. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or somewhere in between, the dermapen can help improve its appearance. It is a nice choice for people who want to avoid surgery or other invasive treatments.

In this review, we’ll look at the features of the best dermapens in the market and discuss why they are good options for all skin types. Read on to learn more about this amazing device!

Best Dermapen Comparison 2024

SaleBestseller No. 1
Dr.Pen Ultima M8S Microneedling Pen: Wireless Microneedle professional Skin Pen for Face & Body & Hair Beard Growth - 12 Replacement Cartridges
  • ORIGINAL DRPEN(REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY): Dr. Pen M8S microneedling pen is an upgraded version of the bestselling personal skin pen Dr. Pen M8. Fast charging & Dual mode (wired / wireless) is easy to use for face and body. The microneedle pen range from 0 to 2.5 mm to finetune & the 6-speed selection is handy for different skin condition. Redesigned with users in mind, several small upgrades help give you more efficient and economical results that are of professional quality!
  • PROFESSIONAL CARTRIDGES: The needle cartridge is equipped with a three-snap non-slip fixed structure for improved performance and device protection. It also features a wavy contact surface and checks valve that protects the device . The Dr. Pen M8S will help give your skin a smooth, youthfully radiant glow. Pair with your favorite serum for increased absorption!
Bestseller No. 2
Dr. Pen Ultima M8 Professional Microneedling Pen, Wireless Derma Auto Pen, Skin Care Tool Kit for Face and Body, 6 Cartridges (3pcs 16pin 3pcs 36pin),1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • ❤️‍🔥【BestSelling Model】Dr. Pen M8 is the bestselling model and it is highly popular among global beauty enthusiasts. Its high efficient and professional results impress and attract a large number of loyal fans.
  • ❤️‍🔥【Original Dr.Pen M8】Each Ultima M8 pen are authorized by Dr. Pen's original Factory. Our premium microneedling pen and accessories are crafted with high-quality materials which is reliable to use.
Bestseller No. 3
Dr.pen Ultima M8S Microneedling Pen, Wireless Microneedle Skin Care Kit for Face, Body, Hair Beard Growth - 20 Replacement Cartridges
  • ORIGINAL DRPEN: The Dr. Pen M8S microneedling pen is an upgraded version of the famous Dr. Pen M8 personal skin pen. It features fast charging and dual mode (wired/wireless) for easy use on the face and body. The microneedle pen range can be adjusted from 0 to 0.25mm, making it easy to fine-tune for different skin conditions. Additionally, the 6-speed selection is handy for achieving professional-quality results. The pen has been redesigned with users in mind, with several upgrades.
  • PROFESSIONAL STERILE CARTRIDGES: The needle cartridge has a three-snap, non-slip fixed structure, enabling improved performance and device protection. Additionally, it features a wavy contact surface and check valve that offer further protection to the device. Each cartridge is individually sealed in its packaging, providing a clean and sterile environment. The Dr. Pen M8S is designed to help give your skin a smooth and youthful radiant glow. You can pair it with your favorite serum.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Puicmlna Microneedling Pen with 12 Pcs Pin & Nano Cartridges Size 0.1mm, 3 x 42-pin, 3 x 36-pin,3 x 12-pin,3 x Nano series mixed-Puicmlna Replacement Cartridges Disposable Needles
  • 【12Pcs Replacement Cartridges】12pcs individually packaged cartridges, 3pcs of which are 12-pin , 3pcs are 36-pin and 3pcs are 42-pin. 3xNano series. These cartridges are disposable and one-time use. It is very convenient to replace each time.
  • 【5-Speed Levels&1-Massage Mode】For Different Skin Areas - Equipped with 5 different speed levels to adapt to choose from. You can easily adjust it by short pressing the power button.Massage Mode -Massage and tighten your skin.The bottom of the microneedle device will vibrates.(Note: Pressing to the 6th gear in turn is the massage gear.Pressing the power button again will end the job and start shifting gears again.)
Bestseller No. 5
Loutsbe Cordless Electric Microneedling Pen 21000RPM, Professional Beauty pen Machine With 30 Pcs Replace Cartridege (12-pins ×10, 36pins×10, nano×10) Beneficial Your Skin Suitable For Use At Home
  • 💖[30 Replacement Needles] Microneedling pen comes with 30 needles, 10*36Pins, 10*12Pins, 10*Nano Pins. Each needle is individually vacuum-packed, and the needle needs to be replaced each time it is used. If the package leaks, please do not use it and contact customer service for replacement.
  • 💖[Adjustable Scale & 6 Gears] The length of Beauty Pen can be adjusted from 0-0.25mm according to your needs. It is recommended for beginners to start with a shallow length. The deeper the needle is, the more comfortable it will become. With adjustable five gears 8000-12000-16000-20000-24000R-28000PM, LED screen real-time display gears, do not stay in the same place for more than 3 seconds when using.
Bestseller No. 6
Dr.pen Ultima A6 Professional Microneedling Derma auto Pen Ultima A6, Derma auto Pen Kit for Skin Care - 6 pack Cartridges-(6x36Pin)..0.25mm
  • Dr.pen A6 is a professional tools to promote beautiful skin
  • The cartridges of Dr.pen A6 are disposable and one-time use. It is very convenient to replace each time. 0.25mm
Bestseller No. 7
Dr. Pen Ultima M8 Microneedling Pen Electric Wireless Derma Kit Adjustable Microneedle Machine with 30Pcs Tips 16pins (0.25mm) x10 + 36pins (0.25mm) x10+Nano(0.25mm) x10
  • ✅With LCD Screen,6 different speed is easy to control.
  • ✅Come with 30pcs 0.25mm tips for replacement(16Px10+36PX10+Nanox10)
Bestseller No. 8
Dr.Pen Ultima M8 Microneedling Pen: Dr. Pen Wireless Professional Microneedle Machine with 20 Cartridges - Microneedle Skin Pen for Face & Body & Hair Beard Growth
  • 【Original Dr.pen】The Dr.Pen Ultima M8 is a professional microneedling pen designed for facial, body, and hair/beard growth. With 20 specialized needle heads, there's no need to worry about running out.
  • 【Powerful Features】 The Dr.Pen Ultima M8 can be used wirelessly or with a cord. Compared to manual microneedles, the electric microneedle pen is more convenient and portable. It offers six speed modes, adjustable needle length, and is suitable for various skin concerns. The upgraded three-slot design ensures a tight and secure connection between the needle heads and the device, ensuring safety and reliability.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Professional Wireless Microneedling Pen with 20 Replacement Cartridges - Adjustable Micro Needling Professional Microneedle Machine,6pcs 16pin+6pcs 36pin+6pcs 42pin+2pcs Nano-Dark Blue
  • ADJUSTABLE NEEDLE LENGTH AND THREADED NON-SLIP DESIGN GRIP- By turning the rotary dial, you can freely choose the needle length according to your actual needs. Its wide range takes all skin concerns and conditions into consideration.Threaded non-slip design grip Make operation more stable.
  • WIRELESS OPERATION- The microneedler pen is Type-c rechargeable, supporting quick charge and having ultra long standby time. Very easy to use at home or carry around.
Bestseller No. 10
TBPHP M1 Electric Derma Beauty Pen Professional at-Home Kit with 12pcs Replacement Cartridges (Pink)
  • 【Perfect for Home Use】TBPHP Derma Beauty Pen is specially designed for home use, which is good for home and travel use.
  • 【12Pcs Replacement Cartridges】The length of M1 Pen can be adjusted from 0-0.25mm according to your needs.12pcs individually packaged cartridges, 6pcs of which are 12-pin , 6pcs are 36-pin , These cartridges are disposable and one-time use. It is very convenient to replace each time.You can search: TBPHP Replacement Cartridges.

Best Dermapen Reviews 2024

Best For Multifunction – Med SPA Care® Dr Pen Ultima M8

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Med SPA Care® Dr Pen Ultima M8 is one of the best dermapen that has a new micro-needling technology device and is revolutionizing skincare treatments. The device uses patented micro-needles that penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen production and improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity. It also helps reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, and stretch marks.

The device is designed to be easy to use and features adjustable needle depth for a customized treatment. The built-in LED light ensures that the skin is evenly treated, and the pulse mode allows for greater precision when targeting specific areas of the skin. It also has two speeds to choose the intensity of your treatment.

The device also features a sterilization system to ensure that the needle tips are always clean and safe and an auto-shutoff feature after 20 minutes of use. With its lightweight, ergonomic design and rechargeable battery, the device is convenient and easy to take wherever you go.


– Easy to use and fast treatments

– Cost-effective solution for improving skin problems

– Adjustable depth levels for a customizable treatment 

– Rechargeable and comes with a carrying pouch for convenience

– Comes with many different cartridges to choose from


– The maximum depth depends on the type of cartridge used

Best For Easy Using – Med SPA Care® Dr Pen Ultima Dermapen

Med SPA Care® Ultima M7 Electric Skincare System/Dr Pen Permanent Makeup Pen,w/Replacement Cartridges 0.01~0.25mm - Applicable for Dr.Pen Ultima M7 (M7-W,Pink)
  • 💎 ORIGINAL FACTORY GENUINE - Developed on the basis of the highest American Standards. and it there is the appearance patent, the brand registered in US, 🎁You will get:
  • 💝 BEST BEGINNER KIT ✏ 1 dr pen microneedling pen, 1 user manual, 1 storage box, 1 wall plug, 1 USB cord wired/wireless (Built-in battery, rechargeable). w/ 10pcs derma pen needles replacement cartridges(each 2pcs of 12/36/42 needles/round nano chips, 1 x 5D and 1 x 3D silicon nano chip), bonus FREE 1pc 💦waterproof travel pouch for toiletries. 💕This is Best kit for the Beginner.

Med SPA Care® Dr Pen Ultima Dermapen is an innovative device designed to improve the appearance of the skin. It combines micro-needle technology with cutting-edge ultrasound and vibration to provide a safe and effective treatment for everyone who wants to reduce the signs of aging or address certain skin issues. The device is easy to use, with an intuitive display and simple controls. Depending on the desired treatment, the needle depth can be adjusted, making it suitable for all skin types.

The most impressive thing about Med SPA Care® Dr Pen Ultima Dermapen is its innovative technology. It uses sonic vibrations that help exfoliate the skin and micro-needles that penetrate the skin to create minuscule channels in the dermis. This encourages collagen production and helps promote cell turnover, resulting in smoother, firmer skin. The device utilizes ultrasound energy to reduce puffiness and redness from any underlying inflammation.


– Adjustable dial for personalized treatments

– Clean cartridges and extra accessories included in the package box

– Developed with high standards to ensure safety and efficacy

– Economical and effective

– Can also use the device as a tattoo pen


– Results may not be the same depending on different skin types

Best Build Quality – Angel Kiss A9 Microneedling Pen

Angel Kiss A9 Microneedling Pen Kit with 5 Pcs 12 Pins Cartridges 0.25mm - Professional Derma Auto Pen Microneedle Pen
  • UNCLOK YOUR BEAUTY: Angel Kiss derma pen is your next at-home beauty choose! Our microneedling pen promotes healthy, glowing skin. Pair with your favorite serum for optional results
  • VERSATILE: Our microneedle pen kit can not only be used as a face or body, but also use for scalp or beard. Lets you have professional results from the comfort of home get beautiful, healthy skin

The Angel Kiss A9 Microneedling Pen Kit is an innovative and effective way to take skincare to the next level. This kit provides users with a powerful and precise micro-needling device and all the tools needed for successful treatments. The pen has a 9-speed setting that allows you to customize your treatments for the best results. Additionally, it comes with a powerful motor for an effective and safe micro-needling treatment. It also features an adjustable needle depth setting to prevent overworking your skin.

The Angel Kiss A9 Microneedling Pen Kit is perfect for professional and personal use. It has a lightweight design and ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable to hold while offering maximum control when performing the treatment. In addition, it comes with an LED display to easily monitor power levels and needle speed.


– Easy to use

– Flexible wired and wireless options

– Suitable for all skin types

– Dual mode needles to adjust the intensity level

– Good value for money


– Should lock needles in the right location for optimal performance

Best For Convenience – Tilmann Electric Derma Pen

The Tilmann Electric Derma Pen is a revolutionary product that can help to improve the appearance of skin in a way that was never before possible. With adjustable needle length and enhanced speed settings, users can customize their experience to suit their needs. This device is also rechargeable, making it extremely convenient for home or on the go.

The professional cartridges that come with the Tilmann Electric Derma Pen are aseptic-packaged and disposable, making them easy to use without extra sterilization. The device has three needles, including 16 pins, 36 pins, and painless nano-needling. This makes it easy to customize treatments according to individual skin concerns and conditions.

Finally, the Tilmann Electric Derma Pen is incredibly easy to use at home, as it has been specially designed for this purpose. It is safe, sanitary, and less painful than other derma pens on the market. Even people without prior experience can get professional spa results from this device.


– Adjustable needle length allows users to customize according to individual needs

– Enhanced speed settings provide optimal treatment for all skin types 

– Professional cartridges are individually aseptic packaged and disposable

– Super easy to use


– Requires the use of professional cartridges for maximum results

Best Shade Ranges – BRÜUN Microneedling Digital Derma Pen

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If you are looking for a highly advanced and effective skincare tool, BRÜUN Microneedling Digital Derma Pen is the perfect choice for you. This innovative device offers a unique combination of dermapen and digital indicator technologies that can improve the look of your skin in as little as one treatment session. The dermapen comes with five cartridges that can easily be changed and disposed of after each use. The maximum needle length of 0.25mm means you get precise, targeted treatment for your skin’s needs. Also included are various speed levels to customize the intensity of the treatment for desired results.

In addition to the micro-needling technology, the Derma Pen also comes with a BB Glow Ampoule Pigment Starter Kit. This kit includes five shades of serum that help to brighten and smooth your skin while increasing its glow. You can use this kit with the derma pen for more comprehensive results. This device is perfect for anyone looking for advanced and lasting results with their skincare routine.


– Innovative and effective skincare

– 5 cartridges with adjustable speed levels

– Five different shade ranges to address your needs  

– Easy to use

– Lightweight & portable


– Results may vary from person to person

Sergan Professional Wireless Dermapen

Professional Wireless Microneedling Pen with 20 Replacement Cartridges - Adjustable Micro Needling Professional Microneedle Machine,6pcs 16pin+6pcs 36pin+6pcs 42pin+2pcs Nano-Green
  • ADJUSTABLE NEEDLE LENGTH AND THREADED NON-SLIP DESIGN GRIP- By turning the rotary dial, you can freely choose the needle length according to your actual needs. Its wide range takes all skin concerns and conditions into consideration.Threaded non-slip design grip Make operation more stable.
  • WIRELESS OPERATION- The microneedler pen is Type-c rechargeable, supporting quick charge and having ultra long standby time. Very easy to use at home or carry around.

The Sergan Professional Wireless Dermapen is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their skin health at home. With adjustable needle length and a non-slip grip design, this device is perfect for those who want to achieve beautiful, healthy skin in the comfort of their own home. It works by automatically going in and out on the skin, making it a very effective and practical tool.

The pen has wireless operation, a rechargeable type-C connection, and quick charging capabilities. It also has 6-speed settings, allowing users to find the perfect setting that works best for their skin conditions and needs. The pen comes with professional cartridges that are individually aseptic packaged and disposable to ensure hygiene during use. In addition, it includes the most popular 16 pins, 36 pins, 42 pins, and manageable nano needle sizes.


– Adjustable needle length and non-slip grip design for easy handling

– Wireless operation, rechargeable type-C connection, and quick charging capabilities

– Several speed settings to suit individual skin conditions and needs

– Professional cartridges with individual aseptic packaging for disposable use

– Can provide amazing results after just a few uses


– Needles may cause slight discomfort on sensitive skin.

Koi Beauty Electric Derma Pen

Koi Beauty Microneedling Pen Electric Derma Auto Pen Adjustable Microneedle Home Use - P700
  • Easy to Use - One button operation, beginners can master it quickly. Click the button for 2 seconds to start the machine and click to switch between 5 speeds.
  • Multifunction - The professional derma auto pen can be used on most target areas, such as face, body, beard, scalp. Choose the appropriate speed grade according to your needs.

Koi Beauty Electric Derma Pen is incredibly helpful in reducing wrinkles, improving skin tone and texture, and giving you a younger overall look. The pen is easy to use and has all the necessary accessories. It features one-button operation and five adjustable speed settings, making it perfect for beginners to master quickly. It has a titanium body that is durable and easy to clean, which makes this product perfect for home use.

You can use the pen on my face, neck, chest, and scalp. It allows you to easily target specific areas and ensure that users get the most out of the treatment. After just a few uses, you can notice an improvement in your skin’s texture and tone. The wrinkles around the eyes may be less noticeable, and your overall complexion may look smoother, brighter, and younger.


– Simple to use with one-button operation and 5 adjustable speed settings

– Titanium body is durable and easy to clean

– Comes with all necessary accessories, including 5 disposable cartridges

– Can use the pen on most target areas

– Has helped reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture


– Requires frequent recharging of the battery

MOOKARDILANE Professional K7 Cordless Dermapen

Microneedling Pen Professional K7 Cordless Skin Care Tool Kit 0.25mm for Face and Body Electric Pink by Mookardilane Pro kit w/ 25 pcs tips
  • 【FASHION】MOOKARDILANE Professional Derma K7 Cordless Pink Pen 0.25mm is the newest release device.
  • 【ADJUSTMENT】There are 5 speeds to choose which allow users to have more choices,wireless model available.

The MOOKARDILANE Professional K7 Cordless Dermapen is a revolutionary device that offers users the convenience of dermapen treatments from the comfort of their homes. This device provides great value, with its latest release offering five adjustable speeds in a cordless design. It’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to transport, so that you can take it anywhere.

The MOOKARDILANE Professional K7 Cordless Dermapen is an affordable alternative to expensive salon treatments, allowing users to achieve similar results without the hefty price tag. The device is also a great gift idea for your beloved ones at different festivals, offering them the chance to enjoy professional treatment without the cost.


– Lightweight and portable design

– Five adjustable speeds to choose from

– Affordable alternative to expensive salon treatments

– Great gift idea for family and friends in different festivals


– Special care is required when using the device

Dr.Ama Derma Skin Pen

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Dr.Ama Derma Skin Pen is one of the most advanced and reliable skin care products today. This revolutionary device utilizes professional-grade Automated Vertical Technology and American Standards to provide patients with a safe, painless, and highly effective treatment for their specific skin care needs. The Dr.Ama Derma Skin Pen allows users to easily minimize common skin issues such as roughness, acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and aging spots.

The device is made of high-grade stainless steel with a stylish design and luxurious packaging to make it look more like artwork in your hands. It comes with 20 disposable cartridges that are sterile and easy to use. All the user requires is removing the blue plastic sanitary cover from the top of the cartridge before turning on the pen. The Dr.Ama Derma Skin Pen allows users to enjoy a wide range of benefits, such as inducing collagen production for healthier skin and promoting better absorption of a facial serum for improved results. It also eliminates pain and discomfort thanks to its numbing cream.


– Minimize common skin problems

– Safe and less painful than other treatments

– Painless and comfortable

– Highly effective and offers long-lasting results

– Minimal effort required on the user’s part


– Treatment requires multiple sessions to see maximum results


No products found.

The URYOUTH Derma Pen is an incredible tool for people looking to restore their skin’s natural glow. The latest model comes with several improved features, such as an anti-slip rotating dial that allows users to choose the suitable scale according to their needs. What’s more, this derma roller micro needling kit has two modes of operation – rechargeable wireless or wired, with fast charging capabilities and long-term standby.

The URYOUTH Derma Pen is perfect for use on the face, forehead, neck, nose, scalp, and chin, as well as any other part of the body that needs a skin refresh for a healthy texture and color. Moreover, this device has five-speed levels for the cartridge accessories – from strong to weak – with a super motor, making it suitable for different areas of the body and face. Users can also manually control the amount of liquid released from the two-speed levels available (fast and slow), while the latest design of the cartridge accessories prevents liquid from flowing backward into the machine.


– Easy to use and operate

– Long-lasting battery life

– Safe and effective for different areas of the body and face

– Adjustable speed levels for cartridge accessories

– Flow prevention mechanism to avoid liquid traveling backward into the machine


– Cartridge accessories require replacement over time


CLETINA Microneedling Pen,Adjustable 7 Speed Microneedle Pen with 2 Batteries for Face and Hair G-rowth, Micro Needling with 25 Pcs Replacement Cartridges
  • ✨HOME USE:CLETINA microneedling pen is specially used for home use. Just use it with your suitable skin care products, just replace the nano chip head according to different parts and effects.
  • ✨ 7 DIFFERENT SPEED AND Dial :Adjustable 7 Speed Levels & Non-Slip Dial - The Skin Pen is equipped with 7 different speed levels to adapt to choose from.

CLETINA Derma Pen is a home-use tool that helps you take care of your skin from the comfort of your home. This pen has seven different speed levels and an adjustable non-slip dial to ensure you get the same treatment your skin needs. Not only that, but it also comes with two rechargeable batteries, so you can switch them out quickly when needed.

The pen’s unique design is specifically engineered for home use and ensures a safe, sanitary, and less painful experience. It can press the essence deep into your skin, promoting absorption and helping to repair and rejuvenate it with less trauma or pain.


– Reduces the appearance of skin aging

– Minimizes pores

– Evens out skin tone

– Minimally invasive

– Fractional rejuvenation


– May need several usages to have the best outcome

TBPHP Derma Pen

TBPHP P20RL 8 Modes Derma Beauty Pen Kit with 25Pcs Replacement Cartridges
  • 【USE APPLICATION】TBPHP P20RL wireless electric Beauty Pen weight is 97.8g and the size is 175*22mm.The length of P20RL Pen can be adjusted from 0-0.25mm according to your needs.suitable for traveling carrying,you need to read the precautions in the manual before use.
  • 【8 MODES OF REGULATION】8 Speed Levels & Adjustable Non-Slip Dial - The Skin Pen is equipped with 8 different speed levels to adapt to choose from.

TBPHP Derma Pen is designed to help you take care of your skin, making it easier to achieve your desired results. It is lightweight and incredibly easy to carry around, making it great for traveling. There are 8 adjustable speed levels available, allowing you to customize the intensity of treatment according to your needs.

The package also includes 25 replacement cartridges in 5 sizes. Each cartridge is individually packaged in a sterile bag, making the product very hygienic and safe to use. The built-in lithium battery allows it to work continuously for about 180 minutes. Plus, wired and wireless charging is supported, so you can conveniently recharge your device wherever you go.


– Lightweight design for easy portability

– Battery can run for a pretty long time

– Many replacement cartridges are included in the package

– Can be used both with wire or wireless

– Various speed level setting


– Cartridge accessories require replacement over time

XYZdreams 0.25mm Microneedling Pen

Microneedling Pen XYZdreams 0.25mm Needles Cartridges, Derma Roller Microneedles Pen Kit for Face and Body
  • ✅0.25mm Wireless electric rechargeable Type. Our derma microneedling kit help your skin's natural glow.
  • ✅ BE HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL with our pen as a 1000's OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

XYZdreams 0.25mm Microneedling Pen is a great tool for achieving a youthful and glowing complexion. It is designed to help users achieve skin rejuvenation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and improve the overall skin texture. The pen features 0.25mm microneedles, perfect for creating tiny punctures in the skin that stimulate collagen and elastin production. This helps to improve skin tone, texture, and firmness.

The pen also features an adjustable intensity setting that allows users to customize their treatment according to their needs and preferences. Additionally, this tool is easy to use and very safe as it includes safety mechanisms such as a protective cap for the needle and a safety switch.


– Wireless and rechargeable device to promote a natural glow

– Easy to use with a comfortable feel on the skin

– Can be combined with favorite products for better results

– Helps achieve healthy skin texture and color


– Need to follow directions carefully

– May need multiple sessions for desired results


Microneedling Pen Professional Electric Derma Auto Pen Skin Care Tool Kit (Grey)
  • One button operation, beginners can master it quickly. Click the button for 2 seconds to start the machine and click to switch between 5 speeds.
  • Choose the appropriate speed grade according to your needs.

The INCELLICE Derma Pen is an excellent device for enhancing their skincare routine. With five adjustable speeds and a digital display, this pen offers convenience and control in the most efficient manner possible. The USB charging method allows you to charge the pen anywhere.

The portable size, luxurious appearance, and wireless capabilities make the INCELLICE Derma Pen a great gift for any special occasion. The easy-to-use design allows you to quickly select and adjust the needle length and speed best suits your skin condition. This pen minimises skin damage with its vertical delivery system, which causes less trauma to the epidermis. With disposable tips in sealed packaging, you can rest assured that your treatments are safe and hygienic.


– Convenient USB charging method

– Minimises skin damage with the vertical delivery system

– Portable size and luxurious appearance

– Disposable tips included in sealed packaging

– Wireless capabilities for easy use anywhere, anytime


– Should adjust needle length and speed to suit individual skin condition

MEETCARE Ultima Derma Pen

Painless Microneedling Kit Screw Cartridges Wireless Microneedle Pen Disposable Replacement V3
  • MEETCARE microneedle with digital screen,the operation speed level can be showed on the screen,5 levels speed can adjust,easy to control use.
  • MEETCARE microneedle comes with 2*3D silicone,2*5D silicone,2*round nano, the silicone is used No pain, Non-invasive.

The MEETCARE Ultima Derma Pen is an amazing device for anyone looking to boost their skin. Its digital screen displays the operation speed level, and users can choose from 5 levels of speed, making it easy and painless to control. It also comes with two 3D and two 5D silicone tips and two round nano tips to customize your treatment.

The pen is also wireless and rechargeable, meaning you can use it anywhere without worrying about having a power source nearby. Its built-in lithium battery makes charging quick and easy; plug the USB into any device with a USB port to get it powered up.


– Has a built-in lithium battery that makes charging fast and easy

– The digital screen displays the operation speed level so you can adjust it to your needs

– The pen comes with two 3D silicone tips and two 5D silicone tips for a more customized treatment

– Painless and non-invasive


– The device may not be suitable for use on or around the eyes.

Best Dermapen Benefits

One of the main benefits of the best dermapen is that they can help improve the appearance of scars. They do this by stimulating collagen production, which helps fill and smooth out the scar tissue. The best dermapen can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

best dermapen

Another benefit of dermapen is that it can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. This is because dermapen stimulates collagen production to keep skin looking healthy. Dermal needling has also been shown to have a good effect in treating acne scars.

The best dermapen is also great for skin rejuvenation. It can help reduce sun spots, age spots, and other discoloration of the skin, while giving the skin a more youthful appearance. Dermal needling can also improve the tone and texture of your skin.

Finally, one of the most important benefits of dermapen is that it is safe and effective. The best dermapen can help improve the appearance of your skin without causing any pain or damage to the skin. In addition, it can be used on all skin types, making it a great choice for anyone looking to treat various skin issues.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Dermapen

With the increasing popularity of the micro needling technology in these few years, the need for dermapens has exponentially grown. So what should you look for in a good dermapen? When it comes to choosing the best dermapen, we advise you to consider these key factors beforehand.

Your Budget

best dermapen

The best dermapens can be pricey, so make sure you set a budget. That way, you will not end up overspending on a device that doesn’t meet your needs.

The Type Of Skin You Have

Not all of the best dermapens are created equal – some work better on certain skin types than others. For example, if you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to choose a gentler model.

How Often You Plan To Use It

If you only plan on using your dermapen once or twice a year, you don’t need to invest in an expensive model. On the other hand, if your plan is to use it every day, you’ll need the best dermapen that can handle frequent use.

What Kind Of Results You Want

Different dermapens produce different results – so do your research and find one that will give you the desired outcomes.

Your Experience Level

best dermapen

If you haven’t got any experience with a dermapen yet, you may opt for an easier model. More experienced users can choose complex models with more features and benefits.

No matter what type of dermapen you choose, make sure to read reviews and do your research before making a purchase. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the best dermapen for your needs.

FAQs About Best Dermapen

What are the benefits of using the best dermapens?

Dermapen offers various benefits, including improved collagen production, reduced acne scars, and tighter skin. Additionally, it is also known to be less painful than other methods, such as micro-needling and needle rolling. As a result, dermapen is becoming one of the most popular beauty tools on the market.

best dermapen

Do the best dermapens help with collagen production?

One study showed that dermapen treatment resulted in a statistically significant increase in type I collagen production after eight weeks. However, people need more studies to confirm these results.

Are the best dermapens good for acne scars?

best dermapen

Yes, the dermapen is very effective for acne scars. It is also good for wrinkles, stretch marks, and other scars. It works by creating tiny punctures in the skin’s surface, which stimulates your body’s natural healing process. This helps to increase collagen production and cell turnover, resulting in softer, smoother skin. Dermapen can help reduce the appearance of acne scars, as well as other blemishes such as wrinkles and dark spots.

Additionally, it can help to even out skin tone. However, results will vary depending on the severity of your scars and how well you care for your skin afterwards. Consult a dermatologist to determine if dermapen treatments are right for you.

How often should I use dermapen for best results?

It would be best if you used it every two to four weeks for the best results. You should check with your dermatologist or aesthetician for a recommended treatment schedule that works best for your specific needs. After each treatment, it is important to follow up with proper aftercare in order to achieve optimal results. This includes using products specifically formulated for post-dermapen care and avoiding harsh chemicals or exfoliants. Additionally, be sure to protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen and limiting your time outdoors. Following these tips can help you achieve smooth, even-toned skin in no time.

Is there any difference between a dermapen and a needle roller?

Yes, they have many differences. Derma rollers are devices with small needles that are rolled over the skin. They can cause micro-injuries to the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production. Dermapens have a single needle that is moved back and forth rapidly. This causes more injuries to the skin than a derma roller and is, therefore, more effective at stimulating collagen and elastin production.


The best dermapens have many features that make it an ideal option for those new to micro needling or experienced users. Additionally, they offer incredible value for the price, making it a cost-effective choice for those looking to improve their skin health. If you’re interested in purchasing the best dermapen, we highly recommend the Med SPA Care® Dr Pen Ultima M8!

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