Spotlyte 7: Caffeine-Infused Eye Creams to Kickstart Your Day

best caffeine infused eye cream

We’re selective about the formulas we use on our hair, skin, and nails. The Spotlyte 7TM highlights recently-released and/or noteworthy products you can add to your makeup bag, one day at a time. Let’s go shopping. For a whopping 90 percent of us, the day doesn’t start until we’ve glugged a coffee, a tea, or an energy …

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6 Retinol-Infused Oils That Are Ideal For Sensitive Skin

retinol infused face oil

If you’re trying to maintain youthful-looking skin, retinol is almost unequivocally a good idea for many people. The vitamin A derivative treats myriad skincare qualms, including fine lines, unevenness, and age-related pigmentation issues. But for some of us, the ingredient comes with a catch: irritated, peeling, pink, or oversensitized skin. If you can relate, consider …

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These Are the 9 Eye Creams Sephora Customers Love Most

eye creams at sephora

Our eyes give away a lot. Had a rough night? Stressed? Been crying? Your eyes are likely to spill all the secrets, because the skin around them is incredibly thin. That’s also why it’s also one of the first facial features to show signs of aging. Therefore, the sooner you start showing your undereyes some …

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It’s Official! Sephora Shoppers Love These 8 Vitamin C Formulas

vitamin c

Clear, glowing skin is at the top of many complexion wish lists, regardless of skin tone or type. If you’re after a more radiant and even complexion, you’ll want one important ingredient on your product radar: vitamin C. The thing about this dark spot-clearing, antioxidant-boosting, blotch-brightening power player is that not all versions of it …

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Derms Share Their Favorite Products for Tackling Blackheads


Blackheads — also known as comedones — are one of the most common skin annoyances. These little black dots can pop up anywhere on the face — usually on the nose, chin, and forehead — and they seem to proliferate at an alarming rate. But perhaps the most disconcerting thing about blackheads is that they’re …

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